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Review on Computer chair Bureaucrat T-9923WALNUT for executive, upholstery: genuine leather, color: black by Gabriela Strycharska ᠌

Revainrating 3 out of 5

It functions perfectly, nothing unusual.

This pillow under the head did not allow to enjoy the chair. I did not return the chair only because it is the only chair that I found for sale in white and made of leather and wood. I thought that I would get used to it, but after a week I could not stand it, I dismantled the chair and began to fix the problem. In general, it turned out that a large amount of foam rubber was stuffed inside the pillow. And at the very bottom, for some reason, this foam rubber was twisted into a roller and poured abundantly with glue, as a result it turned out that the bottom of the pillow almost didn’t miss and this roller caused discomfort in the back. I cut off the roller, cut off the excess foam at the bottom of the pillow, left the top as is, and made the bottom of the pillow three times thinner, put everything back and assembled it. Outwardly, it turned out exactly as it was. I thought the pillow would be wrinkled at the bottom, but in fact, in addition to the foam rubber, there is also a thick material similar to a synthetic winterizer, so it filled the entire volume of the pillow, it remained in shape from below but became soft. Now nothing presses on the back, it has become comfortable to sit. PS. Developers, if you're reading me, I highly recommend revisiting the pillow manufacturing process. It should be soft and not put pressure on the back. Plus, you can also save on foam rubber.

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  • Looks beautiful. Everything is done with high quality. Smells awesome of leather and wood. Gathered without problems, does not crack or creak anywhere. The swing mechanism is made reliably and has several fixed positions, usually there is one, but there are several of them. Good lumbar support.
  • The top pillow under the head in my case begins in the area of ​​​​the shoulder blades. Perhaps for shorter people this is not so important, but at my 1.9m, if the net is close to the back, then this pillow presses on the spine and after a couple of hours it starts to break wildly back. You have to either slide down or put something under your back. At my height, again, my feet reach the ground in the lowest position of the gas lift. It is not comfortable to sit in the highest position, it is very high, the legs almost do not reach the ground.