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Review on HONGO Portable Computer Speakers Adjustable 15.6", 1920X1080P, 60Hz, HDR Mode, Built-In Speakers, Tilt Adjustment, HON-T16A, IPS by Ken Gabriel

Overall good portable monitor

This is a preview, but until it fails and surprises me in some other way, I won't add anything more. Usage: I needed a portable monitor to pair with my 2021 Asus Zephyrus G15 for work. I'm an IT engineer and I use multiple monitors everywhere. I find the limitation of my laptop monitor very limited. Original Appearance: The monitor is clean with no sticky logos. This is a real plus. The monitor doesn't flex much and comes with a case/stand, which is essential for travel. Thin bezels on all sides look attractive. 3 levels of lid tilt is good. I prefer the middle tier. Build Quality: Doesn't feel all metal as described, but build quality is good. The monitor and bezel look good and are put together with no apparent issues. The lid is a plastic material that feels a little flimsy but should resist stains well. It has a magnetic closure. The controls on the right seem flimsy, so I'll be careful with them. The scroll wheel, while easy to use, feels particularly flimsy. Image Quality: Good, not sure if it's totally accurate but seems close. It's a 400 nit IPS display, but I reckon it's closer to 300 nits at max backlight, like my G15 at 335, but not as bright. I'd recommend avoiding UltraHDR mode. It doesn't seem to work with a single USB-C cable. Resolution 1920 x 1080, 60Hz. It supports slower hertz settings but I wouldn't recommend it. Text is clear and easy to read. I immediately increased the backlight to 10/10. Connectivity: Your choice of Micro-HDMI and HDMI or USB-C to USB-C via Displayport. If your laptop port has a DP logo then it should work, and if it delivers enough power over USB-C everything should work with the same cable. This is the most important plus for me. There's also another USB-C port for the power bank and micro-USB, which I think is also dedicated to power, but no cable is included. Disconnecting the monitor from my laptop causes it to use the onboard GPU, a 3070 cell phone, which makes the whole setup drain power much faster than it would otherwise. I would recommend using your power bank or charger with your laptop since You otherwise only have half the battery that you are normally used to. Overall: I like it. It's disappointing that the brightness is only 300 nits as 400 was advertised, but I can live with that. The USB-C to DP connection can be a bit clunky and may need to be unplugged again to fix the issue, but it seems to work well enough. I like the build quality, image quality and weight. It's not the best choice for gamers at just 60Hz, but it's well-suited for on-the-go professionals who need a second monitor. What's in the box? -C-USB-C cable, 4ft (for power and display) 1x USB-C to USB-A cable, 4ft (for power only) 1x power adapter for use with USB-C to USB A cable if HDMI is used Cable or USB power of your laptop is not enough 1x user manual, simple but useful in general

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Pros & cons

  • The volume control is not very good as the volume is not loud enough with the 3.5 headphones.
  • I don't remember, but there was something

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