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Review on Samsung CJ791 Thunderbolt Curved Monitor 34", 3440X1440P, 100Hz, Wide Screen, USB Hub, ‎LC34J791WTNXZA by Jack Brightblade

Good monitor but a bit disappointing

There are a lot of reviews, so let's get straight to the point. There were a few things that were required and a few things that I wanted in a new monitor. Some context: I work from home and am doing my masters online, so I often spend 50-60 hours a week on the computer. I wanted a monitor that I would be happy with for a few years for work and play. I really like the ultra-wide aspect ratio, so that's what I was looking for in the first place. I've had the monitor for about 4 months now. Required: - 34+ inch ultrawide - 75Hz+ refresh rate - 1440p+ resolution - VESA mount - Freesync/G-Sync - Good build quality/durable - Curved (upgrade from 34" flat monitor) Wanted: - 144Hz+ - Vivid colors, good contrast - HDR - Thunderbolt Docking Station When I bought this monitor it cost $650 It was a bit more than I was willing to pay even though it's cheaper than the regular price but I decided to shell out the money because it satisfied all my needs and most of my desires (I didn't really realize it didn't). I didn't have HDR until I bought it, but it wasn't a deal breaker.) I'll go through them and one by one with a bunch of Rate stars - 34" (5*) ultra wide is exactly what I wanted, nothing further to comment. - Refresh rate (4*) - 100Hz - the best I've ever had and I'm happy with it Maybe more would be better, but I have derz I haven't found a computer that can support 100Hz all the time when gaming, so it doesn't matter, but I understand that this might not be enough for some people. - Resolution (5*) - I just upgraded from 1080p and don't have a fancy GPU so again I'm happy with it in almost every way. - VESA mount (2*) is not my favorite. Rather than simply mounting the bracket to the back like most monitors do, this one has an adapter that attaches to your existing adjustable arm. I installed this on my own monitor arm. This means that this monitor now has 2 pivot points for vertical adjustment: one on the monitor itself and one on the arm. It's functional, but I'd prefer to mount it directly to the back of the monitor. - Freesync (3*) - Freesync does not work over a Thunderbolt connection and was not mentioned anywhere. I could do my own research to find this out, so I'll admit it's partly my fault, but it should be clear, and it bothers me that it wasn't mentioned anywhere. - Build quality (4*) - I've had no issues with it, seems to work well and not showing any signs of wear, but there's a lot of plastic in there and I'm not thrilled with the fastening system. So quite good, but for this price it could be better.-curve (5*) - 1500r seems ideal to me. Not too aggressive, very comfortable. - Colors, Contrast (5*) - To be honest this is the best screen I've used. I'm not picky like some people so I'm sure some people will have their own complaints but the screen is amazing compared to my old monitor (cheap VA panel). I love QLED, vivid colors, great contrast. I am happy with this part. -HDR (1*) - No HDR. Although it was my fault for not paying attention. However, I do not agree with this monitor. - TB3 Docking Station (1*) - I am not satisfied with the TB3 Docking Station. This is one of the main reasons I bought this monitor and not others, but it doesn't quite work. I use this monitor on 3 different computers for different purposes, so I wanted the ability to dock (instead of just buying an expensive separate dock) to make my life easier when I'm constantly switching. Problem 1, no freesync over TB3. It's not entirely Samsung's fault, but it needs to be clarified. Problem 2: The included TB cable does not support daisy chaining of monitors. If you're selling a monitor and advertise that it supports daisy chaining, it's best if it supports daisy chaining natively. For me it was a divorce. I had to buy a separate cable, which isn't exactly cheap. Problem 3: The USB ports on the monitor are not working properly. I have a few devices that work, but most don't. Although I'm in USB hub mode and should only be a TB3 cable, I'm switching between computers (and leaving all peripherals attached to the monitor) this doesn't work. doesn't work and I have a separate USB hub that I'm moving too. I have contacted support regarding this and the only option is to send the monitor to a service center where it will be kept for maintenance for a few days/weeks, but I use this monitor 50-60 hours a week. I can't afford to be without him for so long. tl; The dr is a quality monitor if you're looking for curves, vibrant colors and plenty of space, but don't buy it to dock as it doesn't perform well.

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Pros & cons

  • 100 Hertz
  • low resolution

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