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Review on Evenflo Symphony Elite Convertible Ocala by Quan Ho (Jason) ᠌

Good product for me, I was satisfied with the price.

He eliminated the noise of the chair, but the sediment remained. A chair of this cost should not rattle like a baby rattle. In this connection, I can not rabidly recommend this manufacturer for purchase. This armchair for children up to 8-9 years old and after a hand-made modernization is quite digestible!

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Pros & cons

  • 1. High security level according to American standards. The European type of fastening of internal belts did not seem convenient to me from more common European manufacturers. Chinese were not considered, of course. 2. Reliable, comfortable and long, best in class, internal belts allow you to carry a child of the 0th group in winter without removing the down jacket (which, of course, is not recommended by the manufacturer because it can affect safety), but we are pleased with this opportunity in a winter country, which still complements the 1st point. 3. Good rake angles, but that doesn't matter much. they are designed for different age groups. 4. Seat wide at the hips, complements the 2nd paragraph. 5. Quite quickly and intuitively installed. Long journeys should not cause discomfort.
  • 1. The first thing I encountered was strong noise from an empty and occupied seat. In a car with good sound insulation and a bad / winter road, it is not comfortable to endure. An armchair for that kind of money can't be labeled as cheap China, because it is positioned as made in the USA?! I had to disassemble, sort, paste over - for example, this is not realistic for a woman. requires quite decent effort, and those who are not ready to spend 3 hours on this pleasure. 2. The chair is positioned as a booster for children up to 145cm or 12 years old, but having put a girl 10 years old 140cm = the chair is not enough for her for a long time. shoulders at the level of the head cushion, and the upper strap of the seat belt runs along the middle of the shoulder. This is an outright deception from the manufacturer - but what else can be expected from the Americans? 3. Interior upholstery is prone to puffs and pilling. I expected more from the "American" quality.