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Review on Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S22 8/128 GB RU, black phantom by Van Chayathon ᠌

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Great product, best quality.

The phone is extremely pleasant, I could advise you to buy, but the seller himself is doubtful: the device did not turn on out of the box, the battery was discharged to 0, and therefore the phone could not be checked on the spot either by IMEI or through Samsung members, but it was included with the instructions a wonderful piece of notice about a regional blocking, which caused a lot of worries, it’s somehow unpleasant to think that I bought a brick for 46k. It’s good, of course, that the seller removed the lock and everything worked quietly, but, for example, it was very annoying when, when turned on, there was no standard menu for entering data and connecting to accounts and networks, but immediately the basic screen. Yes, you can manually configure it yourself, it's not difficult, but it's still annoying. I personally would like to know in advance about such a feature of the phone

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  • It is very pleasant in the hand even in a case. The design is laconic, the matte back cover is just my love, I really didn’t want to hide it under the cover - it’s so pleasant to the touch and visually (in my case, the green version was taken and the color plays interestingly in the light depending on the lighting). The size is perfect for one-handed use, especially if the hands are small. I took it to replace the baby Huawei P20 lite and turned out to be almost the same in size, although the screen feels larger. The phone is very bright, sometimes even hurts the eyes, contrast, everything works extremely smoothly, until I noticed throttling and noise. Good vibro. Not the strongest, but very noticeable and personally I really like the frequency. I usually turn off any vibration on the phone, especially on the keyboard, but here it doesn’t even infuriate. I really liked the cameras (I'm attaching a photo), the phone shoots quickly and quite clearly both in the evening and during the day. Everyday tasks pulls with a bang, I haven’t tried it in games yet. In principle, there are no complaints about the phone yet.
  • The battery does not last long if you use the phone + - actively not in battery saver mode. It will be enough for 5 hours, but this is very little for a flagship. It has an unpleasant oddity: when the charge drops to 15%, it starts to warm up and stays 'warm' up to 10%, then returns to normal again. I don't know what it can be connected with, but it feels unpleasant. The camera block has rather sharp edges, which is not to everyone's taste. Personal disadvantages - the inability to use wired headphones and the need to buy a 25 watt block with fast charging (in my case, a power bank) I personally lack the shooting quality of the zoom a little and the photos in the evening seem a little more 'red', but in principle this is solved by the installed filter, which can not even be turned on all the time with the correct camera settings

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May 29, 2023
Different pros: Comfortable, fits well in the hand. Different cons: Constantly communicates during a conversation.