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Review on Easy Home Ovulation Strips Pregnancy by Denise Davis

slightly pale stripes and ineffectual finish

This is my second time using ovulation tests. This time I bought Frautest ovulation tests. They attracted me by the fact that in the package, in addition to the standard five strips for ovulation, there are two more strips for pregnancy. It turns out that in one package the entire planning kit. This whole set cost me almost 205 hryvnia. Today, this is the average cost, there are cheaper (without pregnancy tests) and more expensive already with inkjet tests. In the kit, as an added bonus, there are also small containers for collecting urine. But they are very small and very uncomfortable. It will not work to collect urine in such a container and not get your hands dirty, so I used a standard 50 ml jar to collect urine. And I just threw these containers away, they turned out to be a useless thing at all. The reverse side of the package contains information about the tests inside. Separately, about test strips for ovulation and pregnancy. The sensitivity of the ovulation test is 30 mIU / ml, which is standard for me. But pregnancy tests have a sensitivity of 15 mIU / ml. And here even the manufacturer himself claims that they can be done 2 days before the delay and will show the exact result. As for me, I used pregnancy tests in the last cycle. Stripes appeared, but they were pale. The result was sad (Also inside the package there is an instruction with a detailed description of what ovulation is and the principle of the tests. It should be read in detail for those who use the tests for the first time. Ovulation tests work on the principle of pregnancy tests, dipped in urine for 10-15 seconds, then removed, placed on a flat, dry surface and waiting for the results to appear. But there are several nuances in working with ovulation tests, on which the accuracy of the indicators will depend! First, testing should be done daily at the same time. And this time does not start in the morning (not for morning urine), but at least from 10:00 to 20:00. Plus, 4 hours before testing, it is advisable not to go to the toilet and not to drink a lot of fluids for 2 hours. Failure to comply with these rules leads to a distortion of the results! Ovulation usually falls in the middle of the cycle, so tests should be started a few days before it. For example, with a cycle of 30 days, ovulation will be at 15, you need to start doing tests from the 13th day. There is a table in the annotations to the tests that you can use to navigate. My cycle is on average 28 days, so I started testing from the 11th day of the cycle. Another point - the test should turn out with bright stripes or even brighter than the control. If the second strip is lighter than the control one, then there is no ovulation, or the testing rules are not followed! It turned out so that two strips were on the 13th day of the cycle, I already thought that this was it. But the next day, the test showed an even more positive result, which should be taken into account - the test line turned out to be brighter than the control line. These tests only detect a surge of the LH hormone in the urine. After this surge, ovulation occurs in the next two days. This is the most favorable time for conception, for me it is the 14th and 15th day of the cycle. A few months ago, when testing, two bright lines were on the 12th day. From this it should be concluded that ovulation does not always occur every month on the same day. Just such tests help to determine it. Regarding these tests, I was a little dissatisfied with the fact that the stripes on the test are not bright, but pink, even the control line itself. Plus, the containers for collecting urine were not functional at all. But a good plus are the two pregnancy tests that are included in the kit. Whether the tests correspond to the ultrasound picture, unfortunately, I have not yet evaluated. But let's hope that we tracked ovulation. In general, ovulation may have been, and no matter how we tried and wanted, pregnancy never occurred.

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Pros & cons

  • The kit includes pregnancy tests, easy to track ovulation
  • Non-functional urine containers, pale stripes.

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