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Review on Easy Home Ovulation Strips Pregnancy by Amber Perez

It may be an unjustified option for a purchase, but as a free sample it turned out to be very useful.

I don’t even remember at what time, it seems that this spring I ordered a free sample of Frautest products. The kit included an ovulation test and a pregnancy test. The sample came pretty quickly, I put it on the shelf. I certainly didn't need it at all. Having two children, my husband and I did not plan more. But I decided that let it be, just in case. ADVERTISING • BETWEEN EXCHANGE Another envelope was enclosed in the postal envelope, for a cash gift for all sorts of events. There is some information on the reverse side, it is not clear why. Each test was individually packaged, tightly sealed. It wasn't hard to guess which one was which. HCG means determining the level of hCG, that is, pregnancy. Well, Ovulation is an ovulation test. The expiration date for both tests is the end of 2020. But in the instructions, not only the principle of operation was described in detail, but also fact-finding information. We didn't have to wait long for the test. Having had a good rest in the fall, my body again failed. This already happened last year, when my delay was exactly 3 months, and then everything resumed, as if nothing had happened. But then I went around a bunch of doctors and did a lot of procedures. This time, I only had to take the test and understand that I was not pregnant. Again, the body is naughty. The ovulation test looks a little different in color. The form is exactly the same. I already dealt with him once when I was planning a second pregnancy and could not get pregnant. Of course, my attitude towards him is completely negative, I have already described the reason in my review to him. But, again, I will clarify, this is a free sample. True, after using the pregnancy test, I threw everything away. The envelope also contained a leaflet advertising all Freutest products. It turns out their products are very diverse. But the prices for it are of course quite high, the brand is the same. I definitely recommend a pregnancy test. After all, this is the first action that is carried out during a delay. And even the doctor in the antenatal clinic first of all asks exactly this question "did you test?". Well, about the ovulation test - everyone's personal business. I considered it useless.

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Pros & cons

  • Free sample, sometimes just needed.
  • Just an ovulation test.

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