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Review on Victorinox Swiss Army Handyman Multi-Tool: Versatile Red 91mm Tool for All Your Needs by Adam Kulesza ᠌

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Valuable purchase, nothing but pluses!

Mine is in the pictures with overlays from Aliexpress from Titanium =) If initially "hands out of the priests" are used to paying others for what you can do yourself (there are no plans for a full job, helping relatives for something), then it's better to look after yourself something without a saw, pliers, needle file in order to lighten the weight from things you don't need. The perfect Super tinker. I had such a knife since childhood (repairing any toys, pranks with unscrewing the latches of windows and doors (climbed into the attics of houses), making bows and arrows, wooden models of weapons, rubber arrows and pneumatics from jocks that shoot mountain ash and plasticine, slingshots, stripping wires before soldering. The old one was sold due to obsolescence under the onslaught of PR of new multitools. Then there was a lot, Leatherman Surge with bits (all leathermans rust, except black ones, because pliers are made of carbon), Victorinox Hercules, etc. . In the end, I sold everything, returned to the good old Handyman, gave my son the same one, and again he was at work, removed the radio, installed speakers in the car, electrics, resoldered the chandelier, repaired laptops, removed the battery from the car, tightened bicycle bolts and I eat fruit with it. Although, for the soul there is another knife (Cold Steel Broken Skull), for the forest, barbecue and killing work (cutting linoleum, cutting foam with a chance to dull the edge on concrete) to repair another one (Mora Companion), but this handyman is universal and has never failed, it was possible to get by with just one. By the way, NASA astronauts were given such knives, only instead of a corkscrew there was a Phillips screwdriver, a Craftsman model. It's about something.

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  • - For me, the optimal set of "for life. " There is a manicure set (scissors, a file), and tools (pliers take nuts under 10 mm) for opening, removing insulation, twisting, sawing off, cutting, prying and planing everything from the household. - The optimal small weight and size of the knife and its versatility, corrosion resistance, these properties bring it to the "top" of all multitools of any company based on the knife! -In fact, with the minimum weight of this tool, you are ready for almost 100% of any everyday problems in order to solve it in 5-10 minutes when they took you by surprise.
  • - In the summer, you can only wear it in a bag if you are wearing light shorts. -Scratched overlays or no clip (decided by customization if it jars on you) -The dilemma of choosing between the functionality of this knife and Craftsman. The question of a corkscrew or a Phillips screwdriver is trivial. The wine can also be opened with a narrow knife, and the deep groove to the Phillips screw can also be overcome with a regular mini-screwdriver on the back of the knife.

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July 14, 2023
Its pros: Victorinox - always Victorinox! Has some cons: If you use the knife for its intended purpose - they are not.