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Review on Samsung LU28E570DS ZA LED Lit Monitor 3840X2160P with Flicker-Free Technology, Tilt Adjustment, ‎LU28E570DS/ZA, HD by Jon Villareal

Revainrating 4 out of 5

First impression of a 4K monitor - sharp and crisp, colors need to be adjusted

Monitors can be a very passionate subject. I don't concern myself with color as much as someone who cares what shade a color is. While I want red, red, and black to be, well, black. I'm not sensitive to shading yet (I think). This monitor replaces a 16 year old ViewSonic that cost me over $1,000 at the turn of the century. My video is powered by an EVGA GTX-670 (NVIDIA GeForce) with 4GB. Although the display is very light (I didn't weigh it), it's a lot lighter than the 2011 HD display I'm using. The display is about 32-36 inches from my face in landscape mode. On MS Windows it is set to 3840 x 2160 with a scaling factor of 125%. The screen display area is measured at 24-3/8" x 13.5". If you do the math, this (1.80556) is not the same as 16x9 (1.77778). Must be verified with a picture. But for now, my first reaction is that the images look ok, although the orange background color I have on the Hanns-G HZ281HPB, which I've been using for over 6 years, appears darker, "richer" (?), than I seem to be able to customize Samsung. Samsung seems a bit fuzzy but I'll play with some more. I'm writing this before I waste time calibrating - this is my first impression. I'm checking the original settings (I just set those) because it appears very light. There is a joystick button on the lower right behind the monitor: Samsung "Magic Bright: Custom Brightness: 100 (from 100) changed to 30 (I have a brighter office) Contrast 75/100 (changed to 50), no immediately obvious to me Change - Display still looks great Sharpness 64/100 changed to 52 (50 wasn't an option, 48 or so) Color (Red, Green, Blue, Tint and Gamma) set to 50% values Samsung Magic Angle: Off HDMI- Black: Normal Picture-in-Picture can be set side-by-side so it's not exactly what I consider picture-in-picture to be, but if you want to display multiple systems at once this can be a useful feature, not so much because i'm pretty happy and i wouldn't buy another one until i play more, i'm happy with that, i'll check out the video soon update (late june 2019): uses one monitor; it didn't develop/noticed a square with a bad pixel Revain/Samsung replaced the monitor with no problems (that's it!) . Video, text, everything on it is really beautiful. I'm using a Hanns G 1080x1920 (portrait) next to it and I'd like to slowly replace it with another Samsung. Text on the LU28E570DS/ZA is crisp and clear. The "recommended" setting is 150%, I like the sharpness and readability at 125% (at the recommended resolution of 3840x2160). The night light is pretty, I'm not judging its effectiveness (at the moment). Update (April 2020): I love it. The replacement monitor was fine with no dead pixels. I love clarity and details.

img 1 attached to Samsung LU28E570DS ZA LED Lit Monitor 3840X2160P with Flicker-Free Technology, Tilt Adjustment, ‎LU28E570DS/ZA, HD review by Jon Villareal

  • I have used this monitor with M1 Mac mini and it works fine. Excellent resolution for M1.
  • There are new competitors

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