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Review on Bell Automotive Multi-purpose Lighted Compass: Ultimate Navigation Tool in One Size! by Ken Reed

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Red illuminated compass

Without significant difficulty in finding the level, it will not read correctly, it may even be impossible to find the level. The bubble in the compass appears in the window when the compass is not straight, but there is no way to find the bubble after it is behind the compass map. The top of the compass body should have a center indicating transparency, in the center where the bubble will be when the compass is aligned. It also has a pad on the extreme underside of the mount in the center that protrudes from underneath and gets in the way when screwing in the compass mount and tilts the compass forward when the screws are fully screwed in making it impossible to tell if the compass is is nevertheless aligned. I tried sculpting liquid rubber, expecting that gravity would flatten the top as it hardened and the bottom of the rubber model would take on the contour of the surface. It was a reasonable attempt, but it didn't work. I wish I could throw this compass on the sidewalk. For all practical purposes this is a useless compass and the friction seems to be due to it not being level and otherwise the compass map not moving. I thought this compass might have a magnet the size of a grain of rice or something smaller because it doesn't react to changes in direction. If it's moving at all it's so slow that I have to stop and wait for the compass map to move and then it only seems to move 45 degrees and takes forever and then it stops moving . position

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  • boring packaging