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Review on 240W 24800LM Nilight 30 Inch LED Light Bar - 5 Years Warranty - Perfect For Pickup Trucks, SUVs, ATVs & Boats! by Robert Chandrasekar

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Mounted on JL. Great build quality and performance.

Let me start with the only "con" on this bar. Only downside is, that contrary to Q/A here, with statement by Nilight rep here that it comes with sliding base mounts, it does not. Neither the vine review nor full price purchase came with base mounts at all. This is serious if your plan is to mount these on a hoop that that has mounts that are welded on at 12, 18, or 22 inches apart. And, being welded, require base mounts can be slid to accommodate different mount point distances. For example my bumper's hoop has two mount points welded on that are 12" and which are stout enough for a 30" bar. Yet I cannot mount it there. For the price one would have thought nilight would include sliding mounts or a 30" bracket with sets of holes for common mount point distances.The rest is positive. I am an active member of a couple of Jeep and overlanding clubs in my city. We do a lot of rides, including ones that involve segments at night and I've see a lot of auxiliary lighting. There are a lot of cheap lightbars and pods out there. Some are mediocre, but most a lighting pattern mess that fill with water.This Nilight Pro is a first class lightbar in every way. The LEDs are not generic junk, they are genuine Osram. The best on the market LEDS, with well engineered rear reflector and quality front optics make for a beam pattern is just excellent and without glare. I've had some junky lights in back for better reverse lighting and work/activity lighting, and quality of light pattern isn't a big deal there. But it is a big deal up front. The housing is first class, well sealed, IPX68, and looks quite durable. The basic mounting hardware is included. The needed wiring is all included and well long enough for most placements. If you have trouble routing the somewhat large connector heads, or need more length, it is very easy to cut, splice and heatshrink additional wiring).Lastly, there is no interference/flicker with other lighting or with the radio, as plagues a lot of auxiliary LED lighting add-ons.These are a bit more spendy than most front lightbars, but I doubt they will be in the dumpster in two years like the cheaper ones will.

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  • ‎1PC 12AWG Wiring Kit, 1PC 240W 30 Inch LED Light Bar, 1 Pack Mounting Bracket & Hardware, 1 User Manual
  • Possibly too expensive for some consumers