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Review on 🧹 SUPERLELE Adjustable Cleaning Solutions for Sprayers by Brandon Show

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There are only six in the pack and the quality is terrible.

I found this nice little format suitable for my work and was impressed by the positive feedback. However, there were only SIX in the package, not SEVEN. The box they were sealed in never contained seven bottles. They were all dented as if they had experienced extreme heat or cold. I had to push them out from the inside. The first spray head didn't work and I saw that a small piece had broken off the inside. The second worked, but the setting was stupid and had nothing to do with what was being sprayed. The third worked correctly, so at least I have one that is correct but raised the unit price to a very unacceptable level. All in all, disappointing cheap junk that shouldn't be sold. During the peer review process, I was asked to rate "smoothness" and "transparency." How does any of this relate to nebulizers?

  • Wide Application: Ideal for home use and professional hair salons, it can also be used for watering or cleaning.
  • Skimpy Instructions