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Review on Etnies Men's Scout Skate Shoes - Medium Fit - Top Choice for Men by Freddie Newton

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Never buy Vans again xD

(Photos after several weeks of daily wear with no cleaning or maintenance) After browsing many product and store pages in search of comfortable yet functional casual shoes that were NOT boring trainers or sneakers, I finally stumbled across these Etnies. and they fill the role perfectly and have exceeded my expectations by a mile. Personally, my feet are a bit wide in the front and tapered towards the heel, which can make it difficult to find a comfortable shoe. However, after comparing the reviews I came to the conclusion that buying my regular size (10.5) would be the best option and when I put them on I found that the material of the shoe gave me slightly enough flexibility in both measurements offers unusual feet to feel comfortable. snug in both the toe and heel but not tight and the length is as expected. I recommend ordering by your size. The second thing that struck me after putting the shoes on is the fully padded sides and upper which offer fantastic comfort. I've never had a pair of shoes that I could put on right away and wear all day without discomfort. I really cannot express my surprise at this aspect of the product. Third, these shoes are incredibly lightweight. They weigh less than my sandals. Meanwhile, the shoe's very grippy outsole and narrow/slim design have been a huge boon to my sim racing craze. I use a full bar/pedal/joystick setup and do a lot of footwork while riding them during the race. My old Vans would sometimes get caught on the tops of adjacent pedals when going fast, or slip when the panicked transition to hard braking resulted in a less-than-ideal position. on the pedals. This problem is almost completely gone for me since I bought these shoes and the old pair went straight into the bin. They were only eight months old, but they were very poor quality shoes by comparison and they were already falling apart. Dust/dirt when I walk off-road and there are noticeable creases in my toes that form all over my shoes because I tend to ball foot and squat on a regular basis. It doesn't bother me most of the time, but with the right lighting you can see it, so I tried to show it in the second shot. In summary, these shoes fit perfectly and will be my daily hits until they die. If they last a while I will definitely be looking for more Etnies for my next pair. (Oh, NO SKATE SHOES either. These shoes are way too light and made out of soft material to resist tape so don't even try to use them..)

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  • Todo esta como lo esperaba.
  • The way is small. Put your foot on the ground for less than 10 seconds, then throw it back into the box to come back.

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