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Review on Oversized Weather Resistant Green Adirondack Chair - Perfect For Outdoor Fire Pits! by Janalee Black

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Overall very satisfied for the price - but could very easily get 5 stars with my fixes below.

I also own several Polywood chairs and some other similar brands which we know are high quality, so as a comparison - overall I think that these appear to be a great value. Are they "as nice"? No. Are they good enough for front porch and firepit chairs? Absolutely. The Polywood chair in this style was twice the price. and Serwall offers a lifetime guarantee, so we rolled the dice. I bought two of the gray at first to see if they were good enough, which they seem to be, so I bought 8 more. First impression is that it actually looks and feels like wood, so much so that initially we thought we ordered the wrong chairs. They may be polystyrene instead of polyethylene, and if so could be more brittle, especially sitting in the Colorado sun. Time will tell. Ours arrived well packaged, in good condition, and with all the appropriate hardware. The directions are "ok" but it's not rocket science to put them together. The supplied tools will drive you crazy and increase your assembly time tenfold. Grab a ratchet with a deep 10mm socket and a bit-holder with the proper allen-head bit and it's easy-peasy. Just note that there are TWO (just slightly longer, like barely noticeable.) bolts that are used to hold the back of the arms to the backrest. The other SIX long bolts go with the nuts and washers. Mixed them up on the first chair. Really I only have three minor complaints, but again for $200 savings per chair I can totally live with it. First, the bolts that hold the cross-braces on the legs are not long enough and should be 5mm longer if they're to be used for both the front and back leg braces. The front chair legs are thicker than the back, and the bolts aren't long enough to reach the threaded part of the insert in the cross support. I countersunk the holes on the front legs 1/4" so they would reach and have solid engagement. Second, the quality control on the depth of the factory counter-sunk holes is poor, to the extent that the "wing braces" on the front leg assembly which supports the front of the armrest are barely attached. I counter-sunk those as well and reinstalled the screws to ensure they had good engagement. Third, the arm is a little wobbly because it only has two attachment points. This will promote premature wear as you use it heavily to sit in and get up from the chair. I will fix this by placing two counter-sunk screws in the top of the arm (where your hand sits), one into the newly-reinforced wing support, and one into the front leg assembly. If you don't make the fixes I did, probably the chairs will be just fine, but I prefer my stuff to be rock-solid when possible and I bought these in the hopes that I won't ever have to replace them down the road.

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  • Perfect for lounging on a lazy Sunday afternoon
  • Could be too big for some users to handle