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Review on C Pen FBA_7350085370028 C Pen Reader by Shane Jess

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The usefulness depends heavily on the user's skills.

Item arrived quickly and worked right out of the box. However, I sent it back as it was not suitable for my purpose. I thought an overview of what was good and not so good in my context might help. Basically, I've identified two possible issues, only one of which was a problem for me. Firstly it would be for my college aged daughter who is mildly dyslexic. She can read well enough to enjoy fiction, but it definitely requires mental effort on her and therefore the process of reading a textbook is less efficient than it should be as part of her brain power is devoted to reading and therefore less brain is available for understanding. So we tried that. It worked by recognizing the letters and words of the book with great accuracy. However, the reading voice is unnatural. It's better than Stephen Hawking's famous synthetic speech, but definitely lacks the natural intonation that makes normal speech understandable. Overall, my daughter found that understanding the device's language (while precisely controlling the scrolling of individual lines of text) required more cognitive effort than following the words and "picking them up." Dyslexia. If you're in a similar situation, I suspect the only way to make that guess is to try; Each person's struggle with dyslexia will, of course, be a very personal, very individual level of effort, and as the balance changes, so will the value for that person. Another potential problem for some users is that the device requires a fair amount of manual dexterity (which in turn requires mental focus) to keep track of a word sequence. My daughter has absolutely no problem in this regard, but when I tried it myself (my brain function, dexterity and reading ability were definitely not affected), even I noticed that some attention to line tracing was a necessary part of using it. That. This can be likened to trying to draw a fairly accurate pencil line along a line of text without going beyond that line (otherwise it will read the wrong words from the line above or below). For some people, this level of skill will be unnecessarily exhausting (or, I believe, entirely unattainable). I suppose if you ask a potential user to draw word lines in a book with a pencil, you'll get an idea of whether it's a problem, not a problem, or not a good place to start. Unnatural reading style. made worse by the fact that it reads the lines as it scans them. The result is usually that it reads one line and then pauses while you queue to read the next line (and the user should of course be able to determine which line to scan next!). That pause could have been avoided if you'd just scan all the text into memory (which apparently you can) and then have the device read it. However, in this thread, I suspect it would be more efficient to use a flatbed scanner and OCR software on a computer, and then let your computer's text-to-speech capability read the document. I must add that there were no problems. For my return, shipping is handled both ways by Revain or the seller. I'm a Prime member, which may have influenced this, but the general guideline was that getting it back wasn't a problem.

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