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Review on πŸ”Š Best Buy: Micca PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) - 30W RMS, Active Near Field Studio Monitors - 2-Way, Black by Matt Patnaik

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The Micca MB42X beats the Edifier R1280T to my ears

So, after about six to eight hours of critical listening with the Edifier R1280T and Micca PB42X, my sound jury came to their verdict. Dear audiophiles, the jury has decided that the Micca PB42X will remain my favorite speaker on my desk. Both speakers are excellently suited for this budget range. But gain clarity, particularly in the mids, and measly separation. The difference was noticeable the second time you turned it on, and the sound only got better as the woofers were loosened up and the bass got a bit louder. Miccas is 9/10 for me and Edifiers is 8.5. /ten. Miccas would be near perfect if they had the same power output as the Edifier (42 watts for the Edifier compared to 30 for the Micca) and bass and treble controls like the Edifier. Edifier's spring-loaded headers are a nice little plus for the Micca. I also like the laconic micca magnetic grids. Doesn't block sound and it's VERY easy to remove and reattach the hearing grates when you're done. But the micca sound catches on, especially with me. I prefer a balanced sound for my favorite genres - rock, jazz, americana/roots and progressive house/melodic deep house. I'm not a great bass player. You can't go wrong with these speakers. Edifiers is for you if you want a powerful $100 speaker with solid bass at the expense of some dirt in the mids. However, if you're looking for a powered speaker that's more balanced and looks more like a monitor with a few pops of color, the $110 Micca PB42X is a better bet.

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January 12, 2023
Very good speakers; just can't crank 'em up.
January 02, 2023
A budget friendly okay speaker set.
December 31, 2022
far exceeding expectations
December 15, 2022
Using a turntable with the powered speakers? Get a preamp, you’ll be glad you did
December 10, 2022
OK for the price point
December 09, 2022
Budget Desktop Speaker With A Punch
October 25, 2022
maybe it is good for the price, but they aren't good.