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Review on Mio Slice Heart Rate Monitors Sienna Small by Bao Thyy ᠌

I definitely recommend buying, I didn't notice any disadvantages.

I am not an adherent of a healthy lifestyle, I lead a sedentary lifestyle, and Mio Slice is very useful for me, it has great potential. The bracelet gives an objective assessment of activity, unlike other evaluators (pedometers, etc.), so it does not kill motivation, but raises it. At the same time, he does not agitate to change the FSE immediately, 100 pai is not an inaccessible goal. By regularly reaching it, I gradually developed more endurance, which I had always lacked before. And after that, she calmly began to lift the load. Previously, in previous attempts to go in for sports, there was always the problem of "life from scratch": immediately overwhelming workload, quick disappointment and despondency. Slice first helped improve overall tone, develop the habit of regular exercise, and then complicate it, but also with heart rate control. Classes that didn’t work out before and I began to scold myself that I was “weak”, now I can stand it normally - I turn on the heart rate monitor and the application for monitoring the pulse, and it starts to signal when the pulse has risen too high. Accordingly, I understand that my body cannot do this now, I need to catch my breath a little and continue. From such activities much more sense. But for a person for whom a heart rate monitor as a tool is not new, who already has good experience and a habit of regular exercises, etc. . for that, just a heart rate monitor in a nice design, which does not need to be charged so often, but it will record the pulse around the clock. PAI is unlikely to be a discovery for him - it simply will not fall below 100 almost never. Of course, the bracelet only works if you use it. If you have a goal to reach 100 points, it will motivate you. If there is no goal, then, like any tool lying on the shelf, it’s just tsatska In general, a strong base model for further development, already hoping for a Mio Slice 2 with a color display and more interesting features and a larger app, but with the pace of ates that we have, I'm afraid that this will happen only in a few years.

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Pros & cons

  • A good heart rate monitor for those who have not been actively involved in sports before and are not going to immediately run a marathon. The pai system is great for motivating you to move more, the pedometer and the "10,000 steps a day" rule really fades into the background and loses its meaning when there are more accurate heart rate measurements. Before that, I had a pedometer bracelet, and it annoyed me all the time that he was not able to count cycling (my hands don’t move), yoga, and many other exercises. Mio Slice in this sense is just heaven and earth. A good heart rate monitor (as they say - not for those who do super-peak loads on the heart, rather, it is intended for normal aerobic loads), more precisely than many that I met. The battery lasts for several days, the bracelet fits snugly on the wrist, has a rounded shape without protrusions and does not interfere with wearing a jacket / jacket with narrow sleeves. It also looks stylish and neat (although at first the button in the photos was embarrassing, in reality it looks better). The clasp of the bracelet is interesting and unusual, but it holds well. For all the time of round-the-clock wearing (since the end of winter), it was unbuttoned only a couple of times, when something directly caught it from the inside, but did not fall from the hand, tk. the pin clings to the hole, you need to unfasten it at an angle, but this does not happen by chance. I quickly got used to the fastener and easily fasten it with one hand. The nice thing is the overnight resting heart rate measurement, which gives more confidence in the heart rate zones, they are more individual than with simple formulas where only age is taken into account It can be used as a simple heart rate monitor - connect to a mobile application (I use the free pulsometr RR application), set zones and focus on signals. On the bracelet, in the window with the measurement of the pulse, there is a heart that changes position depending on which pulse zone you are in (if the heart is not shaded, it is below the lower zone). In a simple walk, it often turns out that you just need to step up a little to be in a different zone and get more pai points.
  • There is no smart alarm yet, although the manufacturer promises to do so. There is no synchronization with many programs, the list will also expand over time Sleep statistics are rather meaningless - some periods are marked (which do not coincide, for example, with Sleep As Android data), it is estimated that deep sleep is, for example, an hour, but what this means - good or bad, is unclear. Probably, when the smart alarm clock is completed, this block will make more sense. In the application, you can view statistics only for the last 7 days, older data is either not saved, or simply there is no way to view it. That is, at the moment it is impossible to see your progress for a month / several months There is no standard alarm when moving from one heart rate zone to another (does not even buzz), only if connected to a mobile with the appropriate application (and also third-party, Mio Pai does not perform this function) According to the Clean Master app, the Mio Pai 2 app is quite heavy and it is suggested to disable it all the time The pai count on the bracelet and in the application may differ, as a result, at the time of synchronization, you can lose some points if some activity is in a different heart rate zone. After the next ate, this became less, but a difference of several points, in my opinion, may occur, which is unpleasant - I just scored 100 pai on the bracelet, I was delighted, I connected the application - and it says that only 99, I still have to run. So it's better to keep the app active during your workout. However, sometimes it is a plus - the application can give 1-2 points more than it was on the bracelet.

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