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honor magicwatch 2 smartwatch 42mm, agate black logo

I looked at various watches for a long time and stopped at them. In my fox opinion, I did not lose. Initially, I wanted a round, massive watch. From the photos you don’t really understand how they will look, but believe me, they look weighty on my rather small hand. From here it makes sense for ladies to think about whether you want to wear such dimensions on your hands. As for the pros and cons: the strap in the kit is great, but the main (like leather for my version) strap has a very unpleasanSee full review

children’s smartwatch elari kidphone 4gr wi-fi, black logo

If I had to pick between sacrificing certain features or options like Bluetooth, video calls, and a few others in favor of a more robust battery that is optimized for use in critical circumstances, I know which option I would go with. Some pros: At the time of this writing, I have been use it for around two weeks. My daughter, who is eight years old, received the watch as a New Year's present. Prior to then, she had been utilizing Elari 3g for around a year and a half, which provides a point of See full review

tv tuner lumax dv-4205hd black logo

And this is where the synchronization of the buttons on the remote control of the set-top box with the TV went crashing down in spectacular fashion! The acquisition of this product comes highly recommended by me. Got pros: The fact that the device itself found all 20 channels to the old antenna when it was turned on was something that was liked. Prior to that, the antenna had only received three analog channels. Just locating the input to which the signal was applied was all that was required toSee full review

sennheiser momentum 3 wireless headphones, black logo

Compared to the Bose QC II, these are much heavier, less comfortable: after a few hours, the headband begins to put pressure on the head. Of the advantages over QC II, I saw this: - for pairing, you do not need to install any clumsy applications - senhi can charge when turned on (but with activated noise reduction during charging, there is some kind of buzz in the headphones, you have to turn it off). Of the shortcomings - everything else, including the reliability of the design (see above in tSee full review

🔊 bose soundlink mini portable acoustics bluetooth speaker 20w logo

Very pleased with the battery life. You can connect anything and the better the sound source, the better the sound itself, but the quality will also be affected by the surface on which the speaker stands and what objects surround it. There are high and medium and even low. In general, we applaud the engineers from Bose standing.See full review

smart watch apple watch series 7 45 mm aluminum case, dark night logo

Pros: Nice watch. I took it at good discounts, so justifiably good. Ideal for athletes, as there are many sports statistics Has some cons A stagnant copy may come, and it will take a long time to charge. I personally thought that marriage had come at all.See full review

apple airpods pro wireless headphones, white logo

Has some pros Headphones are great. Everything works well. And they resolved the issue of return and exchange pretty quickly. Its cons: They brought other headphones first. series 3. but changed the very next daySee full review

smartphone lg g6 64gb logo

A lot has been written about this phone. In general, the criterion for choosing an apparatus is a very individual lesson. I used nokia lumia 1020 for three years, and was pleased with everything) but for the fourth time a broken 2.5 d display and a worldwide farewell to windows phone made me look for a new phone. In the aggregate of characteristics, price-quality ratio, the logical cost of the device led me to this phone ) yes, by the way, it's better to turn off the hdr mode in the camera settiSee full review

🎧 yamaha rx-v363 (htr-6130) 5.1 channel av receiver - enhanced for seo logo

Some pros: The price is generally good for such a device. I liked the microphone test function. Some cons: I was disappointed that the HDMI input does not process the figure. I wanted to start up from the DVI-output of the company to the HDMI-input.See full review

portable acoustics jbl charge 4, 30 w, red logo

For the price it's a great speaker, suitable for people who love music and can't live without it. Has some pros Excellent quality and appearance, holds a charge for a very long time, quite loud for myself (I use it at 50% volume at home - and this is quite enough for quiet affairs, sometimes it’s even worth doing it quieter). Ideal for those who like to listen to music often and never leave it anywhere :) Got cons: It seemed to me that there is an overestimation of high frequencies and because oSee full review

huawei freebuds 3i wireless headphones, ceramic white logo

YANDEX DELIVERY is something. You order for Friday from 10:00 to 18:00 - not only is the time arbitrarily transferred to 20:00, they also do not call back. I had to call the support service myself twice, transfer the date and delivery address, but even here they managed to screw it up again. I won't order anything from them anymore. Got pros: Comfortable in-ear headphones, do not fall out of the ears, the ears do not hurt. The sound is good. There is a noise reduction function, but even without See full review

game console microsoft xbox one x 1000 gb hdd, black logo

With its pros: in general, the first few months the toy was liked by me and the children, given that I have a 4K TV. If not for problems with reliability and Microsoft service, I would probably be satisfied. Cons below: Terrible service from Microsoft. The device was purchased on January 24, 2022 and broke down 4 months after the purchase, or rather, did not recover after the ate. The image disappeared and all attempts to revive the device according to the instructions and advice of the hotlineSee full review

📱 lenovo tab m8 tb-8505f (2019) ru wi-fi platinum gray - 2gb ram, 32gb storage logo

I just want to add that with this tablet, I was able to find material for Bible study much faster. I am absolutely convinced that any and every person on this planet should know this unique book. gave us the Author of the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16,17) Jehovah God. (Psalm 83:18 NMT). In it, we learn the truth about the Creator himself, his plan for the Earth, and how He will change the situation on Earth to the best. Check it out and see for yourselfSee full review

smartphone apple iphone 14 pro max 256 gb, silver logo

14 pro max 256g was ordered, waited for it on the 5th, didn’t arrive, the seller wrote that the SDEC employee filled out the documents incorrectly and he went to another address, they said that they would reissue and throw off a new track number, nothing was thrown off until the next date of the scheduled delivery, on the day of delivery, the seller ignored, did not answer, as a result, the order was canceled. Now I’m looking, but the price is different, more expensive, of course, I assume that See full review

nintendo switch pro controller gamepad, black logo

Why not include a minijack on the joystick? It's obvious that the battery is the issue, but even so. Got pros: I found it to be extremely enjoyable. The truth fits like a glove, whereas lies are held in the hands. The weight is very agreeable. It is imperative that you immediately take it with a prefix in order to prevent the joycons from breaking as the MK11 is right on the nose! The drawbacks are a matter of subjective opinion. 1. It is not clear how the full charge indicator works; all it seSee full review

oral-b pro 570 crossaction, white-blue logo

This is my previous Oral-b electric toothbrush. Pro 70 served me faithfully for a couple of years. I changed it only because my wife and I bought a set "cooler". And so a great brush, I gave it to my father, he changed the nozzle to another and that's it. Replacement nozzles fit all. The brush itself is of medium power, it takes 18 hours to charge though. There is a timer. Everything is convenient and simple. #pgbonusSee full review

dvr roadgid blick gps wifi, 2 cameras, black logo

Functions, performance everything in it at the level. At first it was not clear how the driving itself would go with him, but in fact it is even very convenient. I checked the shooting, both during the day and at night, I liked everything, everything is clear and understandable. Different pros: Well, of course, I will highlight the quality of shooting and convenience. With its cons. While stable and reliable, I hope it will continue to be the same.See full review

sound bar ginzzu gm-504 black logo

As a result, after numerous calls to the store and , I resolved the issue. 1. The store refused to make an exchange, to offer to send it back at my expense, which I stubbornly refused. 2. I called and expressed dissatisfaction with the purchase, and the fact that the store offers a refund for my money and offered to pay for shipping and return for which they will reimburse. 3. sent them by courier and paid 910. 4. He waited a long time for the alleged examination so that they would reveal theiSee full review

floor standing speaker system edifier r2750db black logo

I am writing in hot pursuit. I wanted a decent sound in the bedroom of 13 m2. There were many options, from bringing a Harman / Kardon receiver from the dacha and buying shelf speakers for it, because. floor-standing speakers, which he voiced at the dacha, simply won’t fit into a Hong Kong apartment, unless, of course, you throw out the closet😊), to the sound panel. I've been eyeing this model for about a year. A friend bought a younger model 2700 and was satisfied - this solved the matter. BouSee full review

external sound card behringer u-phoria umc22 logo

A card of the budget price segment, therefore, it would probably be a sin to demand aerobatics from it, the device works out its cost. And, as they say, pointe shoes interfere with a bad dancer - if you can’t squeeze out a good sound even with such a card, then even with more expensive models you won’t reveal the full potential See full review

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