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Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of TV tuner LUMAX DV-4205HD black

Product Overview: TV Tuner LUMAX DV-4205HD Black

LUMAX introduces the DV-4205HD Black, a reliable and cost-effective digital television receiver with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. Specially designed to meet the requirements of Russian television broadcasting, this device supports digital television in DVB-T/T2/C standards. The package includes a premium learning remote control for seamless operation. With its user-friendly interface and easy installation process, the DV-4205HD eliminates the need for specialized technical assistance, making it accessible to all users.

Key Features and Advantages

The DV-4205HD Black stands out with its impressive set of features. Equipped with a powerful main processor, it delivers superior performance for a seamless viewing experience of high-definition television programs in full HD 1080p resolution. The device also offers the convenience of software updates, allowing you to stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements. With a USB 2.0 port, you can effortlessly record your favorite shows to external media. Moreover, the built-in Wi-Fi adapter enables internet access via 3G modems, providing access to a wealth of new and engaging TV channels, as well as the playback and recording of various media files including videos, music, and graphics. Additionally, the DV-4205HD supports popular online platforms such as YouTube, Weather, Gmail, and m3u IP playlists, offering a versatile entertainment experience.

Wide Range of Applications

The TV tuner LUMAX DV-4205HD Black finds applications in various scenarios, catering to different needs. Here are some key areas where this product can be utilized:

  • Home Entertainment: Elevate your home entertainment experience with the DV-4205HD. Enjoy a diverse selection of TV channels, access online content, and conveniently record your favorite programs.
  • Education: The DV-4205HD can be a valuable tool in educational settings, allowing teachers to incorporate multimedia content into their lessons and providing access to informative channels and online resources.
  • Business Presentations: Utilize the device's high-definition capabilities to deliver impactful presentations, showcasing visual content in stunning clarity and detail.
  • Travel Companion: Take the DV-4205HD with you on your travels and enjoy your favorite shows and media files wherever you go. Its compact design and versatile functionality make it an ideal travel companion.
  • With its exceptional performance, ease of use, and broad range of applications, the TV tuner LUMAX DV-4205HD Black is a reliable choice for anyone seeking a feature-rich digital television receiver.

    LUMAX has created a reliable, value for money digital television receiver DV4205HD with built-in Wi-Fi adapter. The device is fully adapted to the conditions of Russian television broadcasting and is designed to receive digital television in DVB-T/T2/C standards. Premium learning remote control included. The DV4205HD has a minimum number of settings and is easy to install, which eliminates the need for the involvement of qualified specialists. Main advantages: use of a more powerful main processor* in the design of the device; viewing high-definition television programs (FULL HD 1080p), the possibility of updating the software, a USB 2.0 port with the function of recording to external media, Internet access via 3G modems. You will have access to many new interesting and informative TV channels, as well as all media files: video, music and graphics, their playback and recording. On the Internet, YouTube, Weather, Gmail, m3u IP playlists are waiting for you. Thanks to the MeeCast app, you can cast your content from your smartphone to your TV screen in seconds! And using the "LUMAX Cinema" and Megogo online cinema, you can watch more than 2500 of the best films, cartoons, series, performances and educational films. With pre-installed short circuit protection, you will never have a problem. Enjoy watching without a subscription fee!Attention! This model is produced on different chipsets.The chip model can be found on the packaging, in the instructions or in the device menu. To update the firmware, use the firmware for your chipset. Firmware with inappropriate software can disable the set-top box - not a warranty case. Also, you can always update the prefix via the Internet. To do this, connect the set-top box to a network with Internet access and follow the description in the instructions. After installing the software, new updated applications YouTube, Weather, Gmail, m3u IP playlists, MeeCast, LUMAX Cinema, Megogo online cinema, as well as support for DVB-C cable digital television will appear in the menu.



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    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Very pleased with this purchase, will recommend it to everyone!

    in general, a normal prefix Pros below: normal tuner. I use two in different houses (on the same site) with different antennas, with different TVs. I really like that you can distribute the Internet (you need a USB Wi-Fi adapter - purchased separately for a certain model) from your phone or insert a USB modem and watch video content both built-in and from YouTube. It is worth noting the convenient learning remote control. (You can train-configure to use only one. It catches 20 channels in an…

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    A completely ordinary product, nothing remarkable.

    An extra overpayment, like for a media device that does not actually work . As a TV tuner is good, the receiver of the device is strong, the picture is good and stable.

    • Clear functionality of the TV tuner, logical and simple settings menu, picture quality is better than on harper. Multi-controller for controlling TV and set-top box, very convenient. There is no hdmi cable, only rca (tulips).
    • As a media device, the slag is complete. It is not possible to watch the Internet at a speed of 100kb / s with any connection, both via WiFi and via phone, so forget about the Internet.

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    I like everything, the price and quality are acceptable.

    My overall impression is positive! Pretty easy to set up all open TV channels. The main mode of using my set-top box is DVB-C cable with picture and sound output via HDMI. The picture on the TV is of high quality, juicy! I am very pleased! As for the remote control, yes, the buttons are too small, and it will most likely not be so convenient for people in old age, but personally it suits me perfectly. Pretty easy to program the buttons. For those who supply power to the set-top box via usb…

    • Functional; metal case; external power supply for 2A current and USB output; small sizes; mild heating; manual in 2022; Tulips included.
    • The indicator numbers are smaller than in the pictures on the Internet; for wi-fi there is no 5GHz; no Ethernet model; only 4 buttons for programming

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    A good product at a good price, I advise you to try it.

    overpaid for absolutely unnecessary functions. Oh yes, also, a cable kit for connecting via the AV input, it does not fit many TVs. You will have to fork out additionally for an HDMI cable.

    • It shows 20 channels, 30 km to the tower, the reception is excellent, I made the antenna myself, according to the "loop" principle, from a TV cable, see YouTube.
    • Built-in cinemas LUMAX, MEGAGOO and YouTube, absolutely stupid, you will hardly find something interesting there (for free). IPTV is the same, even if you set it up, you won’t use it (channels disappear, long switching, no favorite channels). The only thing you can adequately use is watching content from your phone or tablet on your TV.

    After some dancing with a tambourine (soldering iron), we managed to connect the Soviet amp Corvette 068C with speakers - it turned out to be almost a cinema with good sound. Pros below: Found channels quickly. The setup is simple and clear. Image quality is good. Has some cons: Bought to use the monitor from a non-working PC as a TV. Monitor not recognized. Until I connected the TV in parallel, it was not possible to set up an hdmi-vga connection through an adapter (I gave out a message - the…

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I am very happy with this purchase, I will advise everyone!

    The model was pleased with the fact that in addition to conventional TV programs, you can view content from the Internet. Online cinemas, Youtube. A modern appliance gave a second life to a big old TV. Pros below: Sends a high quality signal to the TV. Confidently receives 20 on-air TV channels + 3 radio stations. Wi-fi is included, everything works, you don’t need to buy anything. Cons: The clock numbers on the display are too small, I would like them to be bigger.

    All shortcomings on ip-services. And as a dvb-t2 prefix - it works fine, no complaints. In general, I am very satisfied. It turned out from an old TV in the kitchen, a kind of semi-smart. :) Playlists have not yet tried to palm off. Got pros: Easy to set up. Programmable buttons on the remote - very convenient. IP services are running. Got cons: small selection of online cinemas. There is no way to log into your account. G-mail mail client. why only g-mail and do you need mail on TV at all? The

    First experience with something like this. Everything is simple and functional. The live picture is great. I got hooked on the internet right away. The firmware of the console has been ated. By air. Nicely. Youtube is up and running. Virtual keyboard - sob of pure water It is necessary to confirm each letter by pressing on the remote control. Flash drive Kingston, 64GB, ate immediately and gave out a movie. 2 minor drawbacks: 1. When the sound is off with the TV crackling. It is treated by…

    • Functional Picture quality Ease of installation and setup
    • A little buzzing sound from the console On the air channels, with TV, there is no such thing. There are thoughts to try another power supply or put power through the filter.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Fits the description completely, very satisfying.

    The product was purchased through Compass. Before buying, I read and looked at a lot of reviews. There were good reviews and negative ones. The model purchased LUMAX DV-4205HD because it has an external power supply . less interference in the case and it heats up less. When turned on, he quickly found 20 channels ! A couple of times you need to ate . so that additional settings appear in YouTube. It is ated very simply . through a configured network via Wi-Fi. I took another setting to a friend

    • Build quality, ease of setup, versatility, etc.
    • Not found yet.

    Lumax support does not respond to calls or emails. I think the LUMAX DV-4205HD TV tuner is a pointless device that cannot be recommended for purchase. Has pros: The setup is simple, the first time you turn it on, you are prompted to find terrestrial, cable or digital channels, you can choose to search for both open and encrypted channels. Successfully thought out mains power through a charger with usb. You have access to Youtube channels. There is an ate that can be downloaded from the site or…

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    Not a bad product, but you can do better.

    In order. The remote control is far from universal . My Toshiba TV does not connect to any . A lot of garbage in the software . Unnecessary weather, GMAIL mail, and useless YouTube, megogo, Lumax cinema . YouTube is wired for certain collections, many without translation, and even more than half does not show . Often gives out some errors, etc., or just silence and darkness . I have 100 MB of Internet, so the problem is not in the WI-FI router! That's for sure! but it also shows little . In…

    • USB powered, appearance, IPTV, built-in WI-FI
    • Tuner software, universal remote control, IPTV

    As a digital TV tuner, everything is not bad. Set up in the machine without problems. Before that, I had BBK, and to be honest, I did not notice the difference. But there are additional settings for cable TV. This is already a plus, since - all in one bottle. I took this tuner because of the built-in Wi-Fi. Works. Connected without problems. You don't need a big mind. All clear. The tuner has been ated. Don't forget to re-enable Wi-Fi after that. You don't have to reconnect anymore. Cinema…

    • Decent appearance. All functions in one device.
    • Mirascreen is not enabled for me. The barcode did not appear. I don't know if this is a bug or I'm doing something wrong. In the cinema, Lumax shows only one of all the films - "Officers". All others won't load. In Megogo, a little better, just a little bit.

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    What you need, a cool purchase, I advise you.

    Good receiver, copes with its functions in the country. Its pros: Has built-in wi-fi wi-fi connected and there is a network. YouTube works, albeit an inconvenient interface. Lots of films of all kinds. It was not possible to connect via USB neither the android nor the iPhone - it does not see the devices. Also, it is impossible to stream the iPhone screen - the claimed application is missing, in development. Android did not try to stream. Has cons: In my copy, the channel and volume keys on the

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Im amazed! It was definitely worth the money!

    Overall, this box lived up to expectations and helped the old Samsung to postpone the move to the pantry. Given the cost and the absence of critical flaws, you can safely advise it for purchase. By the way, there are two built-in games - Tetris and snake. Given the power of the processor, it was easy to shove emulators of 8/16-bit consoles there with loading ROMs from a USB flash drive, but thanks for that.

    • First of all, this is a normal DVB-T2 set-top box with a built-in WiFi module for 1200 (at the time of writing this review). A bonus is a programmable remote control, which greatly adds to the ease of use, I have no idea why even sell set-top boxes without this useful device. I was also pleased with the power supply from 5v USB, and the presence of an antenna output - you can connect another set-top box or TV with digital support to one antenna without any problems.
    • First of all, she slows down. Maybe it's imperceptible to someone, but this slowness annoys me, especially when working with IPTV. Speaking of which, there is no function to load a playlist from a URL in the interface, plus you cannot use several playlists at once. World Vision Foros is better with this, although the firmware is the same, only with a slightly different design.

    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    The product is no good, I won't buy it again.

    Different pros: As usual, marketing and nothing more, except for promising words on the box and a bunch of paid reviews With its cons. The firmware is a curve, from the Internet there is only a name, in order to watch IPTV you need to download playlists 2022 in the yard

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The quality exceeds all expectations, I recommend to buy.

    After ordering on the site, they quickly called back, immediately sms with the on the phone and even upon receipt of the goods in the store. Is that a long delivery, about 10 days. But given the reasonable price, you can wait. The prefix came new, in liquid, not wrinkled packaging, with the contents declared by the manufacturer. The warranty card and cash receipt, polite communication of the staff on the phone and with the seller, in general, the purchase of goods in this store left a pleasant…

    • Normal set-top box TV TUNER LUMAX DV-4205HD for your money. The set-top box menu has more settings, which is very pleasing when working with the monitor. When you turn it on for the first time, scanning and correct fixing of TV channels are automatically turned on. Built-in WI-FI adapter. In addition to 27 TV2 channels and 3 FM radios, you can watch a lot of content from the Internet. Normal, convenient, with quick buttons for accessing the functionality of the set-top box, the remote control, besides, it is programmable. Support for current firmware ates of the set-top box, simple without problems. The metal, ventilated case is hardly heated. Separate power supply with USB connector. Normal, not overpriced. 2 years warranty.
    • Out of the box, only TV channels and radio will work without problems. But with the Internet, get ready to delve into, study, try to dare. I would say that the Internet functionality is designed for enthusiasts or more advanced users. In my opinion, this is explained in one word - raw software in the console. Almost all content for viewing from the network will have to be configured additionally, since there are videos on YouTube and on tech forums to help with the settings of everything. But after spending a couple of three hours and having direct hands - in the INTERNET menu: everything works and justifies all expectations in general.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Good quality product, I rate this purchase excellent.

    And this is where the synchronization of the buttons on the remote control of the set-top box with the TV went crashing down in spectacular fashion! The acquisition of this product comes highly recommended by me. Got pros: The fact that the device itself found all 20 channels to the old antenna when it was turned on was something that was liked. Prior to that, the antenna had only received three analog channels. Just locating the input to which the signal was applied was all that was required…

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Excellent product, the best quality.

    I bought it for my dacha, I caught 99 channels on cable TV from the Telemir provider. It is convenient that it is a programmable remote control, so I turn on and control the TV and set-top box from one remote control. Connected to WiFi and got access to youtube. In Hong Kong, from a common antenna, I tuned the same 70 free channels that the Samsung 55XX TV finds even without a set-top box. For 1400 with delivery, a very good prefix.

    • Simple and easy to set up.