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Renewed Apple iPhone XR 📱 - US Version 64GB Coral - AT&T Review



Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Model NameIPhone XR
Cellular Technology4G
Form FactorSmartphone
Operating SystemIOS
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Revainrating 5 out of 5

The perfect purchase for me, exactly what I was looking for!

Exactly one year of use with the phone. throughout the entire month of June 2022. I took it new in Aliexpress. Since the iPhone 7 is so far superior to the iPhone 6, it would be pointless to even attempt a comparison between the two. My own usage from a fully charged battery ranged from 9 to 91 percent over the course of a year. I'm not sure if this is the usual or not, but I used the phone, and the reason it was purchased in the first place was so that I could use it to its full potential, not

  • battery for the camera Frame Unusual (within the context of Apple) body color (Coral)
  • It has come to my attention that the reason why they are not present is due to the fact that I am an apple slave.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The quality exceeds all expectations, I recommend to buy.

According to the documents, my phone was made in Japan, so there are nuances with the sound of the camera shutter (there will be no sound from the 2022 SIM on silent, but it will be in flight mode.) These are, in general, trifles.

  • Completely original, fully tested (see screenshots), I took it in "Excellent" condition, but I did not find any scratches, apparently I'm so very lucky. After 6s it's like heaven and earth, thanks.
  • I would like to put another paperclip in the box to remove the SIM.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The item was good, I'll recommend it to my friends.

Has some pros: The price is all you need to pay for the entire day. Excellent performance A Quick FaceID Got cons: The low quality of the speakers, which, after 617 months of usage, become far less audible than they were to begin with. After five or six months, the headphones that come with the package become inoperable.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I didn³'t expect the quality to be this good.

My wife is now the proud owner of my iPhone X. Not because I'm worn out, but as a gift)))) Xr is the option that makes me feel the most at ease. The screen is of an appropriate size, and the product as a whole generates nothing but favorable feelings in the user. Plus, half of the cost will be covered by bonuses))

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The product is completely satisfied, performs its functions.

With its positives being: A device that is quick, powerful, and packed with all of the most recent technological advancements. A battery with a very large capacity. with its drawbacks, which include being large, thick, heavy, and fragile. It is not possible for it to lie flat on a horizontal surface as a result of the projecting chamber. The light sensor is functioning admirably.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Product satisfying the quality of the product, good price.

An excellent device, except for some shortcomings. Of course, Apple does not make perfect phones, but this is the best there is. Has pros: Device speed. Build quality. Voice quality. Big screen. e-sim. face ID. Ease of use. Apple ecosystem. Cons below: The screen could be better. If you compare my former iphone 7 and the new iphone XR head-on, you can see that the display has a clear yellowish tint. Apple has not bothered much with the release of IPS screens since the release of the first…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A great option for this money, I definitely recommend it!

It is pleasant to buy during the period of discounts and promotions, it comes out cheaper than the prices of competing stores Some pros: I consider this model currently optimal (price / quality), taking into account the promotional discount. When paying online with a card with the VISA payment system, you receive eldobonuses in the amount of 10% of the purchase price. Got cons: "Focus" with payment by VISA card was an attraction of generosity, unfortunately it has already ended.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent product, the best quality.

Insights on this product.Pros below: Performance and no matter how strange it seems, the screen. Has cons: Perhaps the lack of 3.5mm. However, like the last 3 years

One of the most appealing choices available for purchasing a phone right now is this particular model. However, its cameras and screen can't hold a candle to those of the iPhone XS and 11 Pro in terms of display quality. I also used these models and came to the conclusion that the screen in the XR is significantly worse. You can compare it yourself in the store, but as a phone that is perfect in terms of price and quality, especially for 35,000 with a promotional code I take (I took the…

  • - has a high level of performance - is able to maintain its charge
  • - the size of the screen

The fact that the phone doesn't depreciate significantly makes it worth your money in theory only. Three years' worth of performance are available. As a guitarist, they approach me with the benefits of a phone with a garage band amplitube and other exclusives from a stub. I accepted it with the expectation of it. Nothing comparable exists on Android. In general, each person choose a phone based on their requirements and criteria. This phone is a good investment. I choose the 256 version. It is…

  • Although the camera isn't flawless, it does its job more than satisfactorily under all circumstances. Excellent color reproduction is used. There isn't purple asphalt at night like there is with the S8. There are no overexposures when compared to 8 plus. I don't require a second camera module. and after that for information. Yes, and I'm sure 80% of individuals that address this issue desire the second module merely for display purposes, as in "look at me, I've got two modules!" In reality, it has (at least) 8+ details. Autonomy is quite good. From 9 to 23 lives are irrevocably changed in one day. I stopped bringing the charger with me when I was hauling light loads, and it continued for two days. Screen. Positive and negative. Yes, this is the best option if you plan to use the gadget for a number of years because ips won't burn out like an oled matrix does. It suffices for the eyes in theory. True tone is quite effective. Until you encounter someone with x or xs, you are unaware of the frames. However, nothing significant was said; only noise was created. The frames are often terrible if you take the identical HTC U12 there. Sound. It yells what it requires from the speaker. Both low and high ones exist. There is no innovation in the headphones because the sound quality is the same as it was in version 7. performance. Well, I won't remark. There were still some issues with top hardware on iOS.
  • The appearance itself resembles the iPhone 8 quite a bit. I don't have the impression that I purchased anything new. Some system restrictions. (This is entirely arbitrary.) Set. Clamping an adaptor for $100 in a phone that costs $73,000 is ludicrous. 3.5 No jack Although YouTube cannot run in 4K, this limitation doesn't really matter because the autonomy more than makes up for it. But it's still too huge. XS is much more practical, but spending an excess of $20,000 for the dimensions is okay.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A great option for this money, I definitely recommend it!

The phone's design perfectly matches me after the SE and 7Plus, and I bought more for films and images when I ordered it from Germany. However, because I was duped and forgot that the duty had been dropped from 1000 euros to 500, I had to pay an additional 4547.43 kop in customs. But at the time of purchase, it was still less expensive than Che in 2022. everyone in peace)))

  • One. Autonomy 2. Execution 3. An IPS screen and True Tone 4. Dust and moisture defense 5. Speakers in stereo 6. Imaging 7. Bomb hues
  • Thick even with the thinnest selecon cover, without a cover, but its edges are extremely slippery, so it tries to escape from your hands. It also slides over the back of the sofa, where I normally place it before I go to bed, but that's a minor complaint. There is a lot of dust buildup near the camera when the phone is in a case. I don't know about anyone else, but sometimes the phone freezes, especially when you go into the settings (Just recently, the iPhone 3 hung; the likely cause is in iOS itself; we are awaiting update 13).

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A valuable purchase, some advantages!

We summarize: That the phone is good is certainly a positive point. And for me personally, the only drawback is only dancing with a tambourine around iTunes, because it's itch to go somewhere and there is no offline music on the phone, like movies, only buying and downloading online, and the network will disappear, and the movie you bought will be gone look, and you won't be able to listen to music, but music seems to work offline, they say. And yet, music seems to work offline, according to…

  • What exactly am I supposed to say about merit? First, and maybe most importantly, it continues to be effective for me for two days. CARL, YOU HAVE TWO DAYS! Taking into consideration the fact that prior to purchasing it I was using a terrible Nokia 6.1; the battery capacity of the Apple device is 2942mAh, while the Nokia battery capacity is 3000mAh. Nokia kept 1.5 days. Yes, this is influenced by both the optimization of the system and the use of a less expensive LSD matrix with a lower resolution rather than an OLED display, which has a resolution of 2K or greater. I will also address the disadvantage of using a completely isolated system. The screen is the next component. Oh, because of the authorization, I did not have the courage to get this equipment for a very long time. These appalling 1792 x 828 numbers for a smartphone screen in late 2022 are unacceptable in every way. But in point of fact, it wasn't nearly as horrible as I had feared it would be. At least in my opinion. There are rumors that persons with unusually large eyes can discern individual pixels. I only saw odd curves at the Wi-Fi symbol; nevertheless, with normal use, you wouldn't even see it until you brought it really near to your eyes. BUT! It's good to know that he captures screenshots using the correct resolution, so that’s a plus. Pa, in particular if they are subsequently viewed on a personal computer. A thick skeleton? The garbage is finished, and once it is integrated into the task, it is undetectable and does not cause any problems. I don't compare it directly to the X, XS, or XS Max, and there's a good reason for that; therefore, in general, I couldn't care less. At long last, the apple has stereo sound; this is really neat. If you turn the volume all the way up, it screams out loudly enough, and contrary to what some people have claimed, there is no wheezing when you do so. And why the devil would you even consider acting like that? Camera. This is the place where all the magic takes place. The iPhone XR only features one camera module, as opposed to the two modules found in the iPhone X, XS, and XS max. This results in images that are far clearer, more detailed, and sharper than their predecessors. Who would have thought that the XR would harm the XS and XS Max cameras? Considering that the above were filmed on a different camera module, hell would know why; as a result, there is a slight blur (blur on the surface) in the photo; who would have imagined that the XR would ruin the cameras? When it comes to video recording, which is typically at its peak, it is preferable not to have a phone in general that is capable of competing with iPhones in this regard.
  • Oh . And now for the negatives. As someone who has used Android for a long time, the closed system is driving me crazy. It is not feasible to transfer audio or video files to the mobile device (YES! I am aware that other individuals are able to accomplish it using iTunes, but I am unable to. I attempted to carry out these steps, even after reading the comments left on YouTube, but to no avail. An iPhone user who has been using the device for a long time and who tried to assist me in setting it up in the same manner that he does for himself was unsuccessful. Unfortunately, the file is not added to the media library as it should have been. And what about movies, specifically? There is a common misconception that in order to add music to your computer, you first have to activate the free trial version of iTunes, which gives you access to the program for three months. However, what if I don't feel like doing this? These dances including a tambourine are driving me nuts! Where did you get that? In addition, even if I connect my phone to my computer, I won't be able to transfer any pictures or photos to my phone. However, I am able to upload anything, including images and movies, from the phone to the computer. Just like a haughty lady, for whom you do everything, but all she does in response is turn her nose up at everything, making it all so unreachable. This is beyond frustrating in the extreme. And now I'm not going to talk about haughty FIFA anymore. Phone charging. This is, without a doubt, the most excruciating part of the phone, regardless of its age. Your mobile phone will fully charge in approximately three hours and thirty to forty minutes if you use a regular adapter. Isn't it cool? The fact that the phone can carry so much power, though, is not something that is currently causing me any concern. I turned it on in the evening before going to bed, and when I woke up in the morning, I removed it from the charger to find that it had lasted for two hours of daylight; this is a pretty neat feature. Oh yes! Observed a somewhat insignificant drawback. When accessing social networks or even playing short sessions of games, the battery is able to keep its charge for an extended period of time; but, as soon as you start using the camera or recording video, the power will start to drain away before your very eyes. And, well, its pricing, for such a phone it is still quite high, no matter how one spins it or what one says about it.

It has been almost a year and a half since this happened. In the past, there was a lengthy tale about getting something for one and a half times less money, but it was a very long time ago, and the tale was not real. In light of the collapse of the ongoing instability, this is no longer relevant. The takeaway here is that you shouldn't pass up the opportunity to purchase an iPhone if you have the chance to do so at a price that is far lower than the retail price. In such case, you might want to

  • 1. The camera is of very high quality. There isn't a dual camera, but that's okay because I don't require a portrait mode (I consider it to be indulgent), and he's more than capable of making a detailed portrait of a person. In general, I have not yet completed any kind of portrait. 2. length of time a battery will last. 44% of people were still present somewhere yesterday from 6:30 in the morning until approximately 22:00. The level of labor load associated with the phone in today's technological climate is medium-to-high. LTE is constantly on, and geolocation is also active in the majority of applications. The screen was uploaded; this is from 6:30 to 23:30. There is still 11% available. There was no indication that the power-saving mode was engaged. Due to the fact that I was in a location that prevented me from catching a connection, the airplane mode was only available for around two hours. But at this point in time, it was emitting some sort of musical sound. 3. I have red for the design and appearance (with a reservation for glass at the back because I don't like glass and want aluminum instead). 4. The speakers produce an excellent sound 5. The quality of the communication reception (which is at least an improvement above the reception of my prior smartphone; you can see which one it was below). 6. I thought Face ID was a cool feature. It may function very swiftly even in total darkness, at significant angles, and even inside a hat. You won't be able to recognize it unless you cover up the half-face with your hand first. 7. Performance, while of course everything is moving along at a rapid pace. Next - let's see.
  • 1. Cost (for further information, read the comments). 2. Monobrow. This idea didn't really resonate with me at all. Even if I am aware of the speaker and the facial recognition sensor, I am still unable to comprehend its significance, or why it is so enormous. At the very least, I do not get why it is so large. When using applications, it is still alright, I don't care, and even sometimes it is convenient (icons for the battery, the network, and other things seem to take up no space), but when viewing a movie, this eyebrow is only in the bad direction. 3. This is a trend throughout the entire industry; there is not a 3.5 jack, and even an adapter was not included this time. 4. The absence of quick charging is not, in my opinion (and this point is key), one of the most significant drawbacks. It maintains its iron state during the day, and the amount that it will charge over night is irrelevant to me. In addition, I don't use regular charging at home; instead, I just insert my phone right into the filter, which has two USB ports. We did not take the time to measure how rapidly it charges from them. In addition to that, I have a charger for my iPad with me. Everything else is based on conjecture, theory, or a relative lack of evidence. 1. The screen resolution appeared normal to me; there was nothing wrong with it. An outstanding display; it would be even better if it could reduce power consumption as well. My prior smart device had an OLED, and I honestly can't tell the difference between this one and it. The color black is not as dark as it appears, but that is unimportant since when I look at it from certain angles, it appears to be OK. Personally, I do not understand the sense in this chase of resolution, similar to how I formerly did not see the point in trying to increase the number of megapixels on a camera. 2. Frames. They are, without a doubt, but I am oblivious to it. I used to have a conventional smart phone with frames, but I upgraded, and now everything works perfectly for me. Do not take these frames with you if you do not like the way they look.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

As such, there are no disadvantages, it is convenient to use.

I got this for my wife to replace her old 8+ because I'm more comfortable with Apple's user interface, and my overall impressions aren't bad, but they certainly aren't worth the asking price. When compared to my Samsung Galaxy S10+, which is also in the same price range, the S10+ is technically much more interesting. The workload is now identical; nonetheless, iOS's persistent limitations continue to frustrate and baffle me from time to time; however, I was unable to persuade my wife to switch…

  • Smart, the battery lasts well when not in use, good sound from the external speaker, and moisture protection; high-quality camera, photos, and videos; a screen that looks good despite its low resolution by today's standards. Apple's iOS is back for nostalgic users.
  • large frames and corresponding dimensions for a small screen; one main camera; by 2022, everyone will have three; a 3k battery; with these proportions, 4k is certainly doable; and a work time of three hours when using the camera. Some things that can be done on Android are either not possible here or require dancing with a tambourine, dealing with music and photo files is a nightmare, the user interface is poorly customizable, you have no widgets or interface themes, and regular TV does not display photos or videos.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I'm impressed! Exactly the product deserves your attention.

purchased to replace a working, but outdated, 6s Plus. Concerned about the resolution of the display. In addition to the price, many people will probably be turned off by the resolution, which many believe is no longer modern in the age of smartphones. You'll never ask this question when using the phone normally. I frequently use the display with the True Tone feature switched on; it is a familiar Retina display to us but is from a new generation. Colors are more realistic (in my perspective)…

  • Display 1. Camera 2. 3. Self-rule Work speed: 4; Face ID: 5 6. Speakers in stereo 7. Dust and moisture defense
  • Price and Weight

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The product suited me, I will recommend it to my friends.

Some pros: Everything is ok, from inconvenient when switching from android: a screenshot is taken when holding two buttons, you need to double-click the button when downloading applications With its cons: The glass scratched quickly, I expected it to be more scratch resistant

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Reliable purchase, guaranteed to be a good one.

My critique is intended for people who have always used low-cost androids. I can only make comparisons with the Samsung M20 and prior Redmi 3s/Note 4 models. With 2-3GB of RAM, Android only "flies" after being purchased. It irritated me to have to wait 1-3 seconds to switch between portrait and landscape mode or to begin launching programs after installing 20–30 applications. I usually don't say anything about how the RAM is constantly being cleared of apps. iPhone, then. Everything I just…

  • execution in typical use. is capable of being a flash drive. There were misconceptions that the iPhone could only store items that were purchased through iTunes. Keyboard. Congratulations, Apple. I almost always push the button I intended to. More mistakes were made when using Gboard on Android. The comma and numerals must be climbed behind to see any extra characters, which are all buried at the same moment. video recording.
  • Picture frames. I would prefer something little thinner than the XS. Battery. Enough time for some morning and evening YouTube, afternoon VK, and afternoon Instagram. Problems may already start if you use it as a navigation tool while traveling. Recognize, pardon, and bring a charger.