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grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

Bought for my husband as a Christmas present, he is very happy with it. We have already tested it, fried ribs, vegetables, prepared sandwiches. Everything turned out very tasty, and most importantly quickly. The disadvantages include non-removable panels, but we knew this when we bought it, so this is not a problem for us. I wash the panels immediately after preparation, they are easy to clean. I recommend this model, the price and quality match.See full review

mitsubishi shumma engine conditioner, 0.25 l logo

I wanted to clean the engine, but when using the cylinder, I noticed that there was not even half in it. I don't know how it happened, maybe it spilled somewhere along the waySee full review

split system hyundai hac-07/t-pro, white logo

Split system, for a small room. The air cools quite quickly, it can also work for heating. It is controlled from the remote control. There is a small display with a temperature indicator on the internal module. The price is acceptable.See full review

induction hob iplate yz-t24, black logo

I took it for distillation of mash, but it is also very convenient for cooking. Unlike my stove with ceramic heaters, it is much more powerful, you can just fry potatoes, and not put them out. With its pros: Very decent quality at an affordable price. Withstands high loads, the tank is 25 liters full, no questions asked. Easy to clean, simple regular shape allows the tiles not to take up much storage space. Warranty 3 years. Error warning. Has some cons: Occasionally, when working at maximum witSee full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with standard cuff and mains adapter logo

Unfiltered opinions on the item.Comfortable. It performs its function. When reconciled with a mechanical tonometer, the indicators are the same.See full review

case fan scythe kaze flex 140 pwm 300-1800rpm (kf1425fd18-p) logo

I bought it to replace the old one that came with the Scythe Grand Kama Cross (Rev. B, if memory serves) CPU cooler. There, in the kit, there was a fan almost twice as weak in terms of air flow and less resourceful. So this should be more than enough.See full review

wireless mouse redragon mirage, black/red logo

I cut down the backlight right away so that the battery does not eat up, but when I'm afraid to lose it on the bed at night, I turn it on . it's convenient. There is only one finger battery there . well, xs, it didn’t seem to have run out in 1.5 months I didn’t drop it, so I can’t say by strength With its pros: Great mouse for the money! excellent laser sensor surface is good the wheel is good adequate weight teflon feet glide super Through 2 walls takes normally Some cons: for me it clicks soSee full review

sewing machine janome juno 513, white/flowers logo

I had an electro-mechanical sewing machine with a display that performs 66 types of stitches, an automatic buttonhole, etc. it so happened that it broke down, although I did not sew on it for a long time. Now I approached the choice of this machine very seriously, having already some experience))) That's what was important for me (I will sew for the house - hem, shorten, change the zipper, sew curtains, bed linen, educational toys for my son, I don’t plan to sew clothes yet , although who knows See full review

cpu cooler deepcool gamma archer pro, black logo

I took it to replace the stock cooler for the Q6600 processor. Comp. assembled on the basis of a TV cabinet drawer; ) Accordingly, vertical cooling systems are not included. Test results in +30C room. Proc. at idle + 60C, when starting OCCT - up to + 90C (wow). He removed and ground the copper contact patch to the same level with aluminum. It became +52C in idle, +83C in OCCT. Couldn't get more.See full review


Excellent socket made of good plastic, connected to the network very quickly and easily, Alice found it and works flawlesslySee full review


Market Delivery The courier delivered on time. Product without damage. Many thanks to the seller and Market for a quality product. Bought for a private home. I am very satisfied with the purchase. For gourmets of high-quality sound I recommend to buy!See full review

winding for a tennis racket (2 pieces), horizontal bar, fishing rods. blue. overgrip. tennis racket wrap logo

On the very first day, it tore and began to peel off the handle, I had to tear it off and throw it away completely, absolutely not worth the money, I DO NOT RECOMMEND!See full review

flash drive verbatim store "n" go v3 64 gb black logo

Sharing my authentic encounter.Under the guarantee, I returned the money in full without any problems and bought myself another USB flash drive.See full review


I think such a vacuum cleaner is simply necessary in every home. Cleaning took less time. I use a vacuum cleaner every day, about 10 minutes is enough for me to clean two rooms, I didn’t know that so much dust was collected in a day. The vacuum cleaner is very manoeuvrable, it sucks up debris perfectly. Easy to operate, children can vacuum themselves. There are two speeds. It takes about 4-5 hours to charge. You can also remove a part and vacuum the car, there is a nozzle that even climbs into hSee full review


Good device. I advise you to buy, the main operator is to find a better one in your area, and an unlimited traffic and speed tariff (now this is more difficult). With its pros: High speed Internet access, frequency aggregation, 2 Wi-Fi bands (2 and 5 GHz), good Wi-Fi coverage, the ability to connect antennas, simplicity and convenience of the menu, nice design. With its cons: Few Ethernet ports (1 pc. and it is shared), no USB port, few options available in the menu.See full review


Got pros: Good disc! Quiet and fast! Plus well protected from bumps and drops! Very happy with the purchase! I hope it will last a long time! Has some cons: Short cable to connect to USB! , It would be very convenient if the cable was longer!See full review


There are already wires in the cable channel of the plastic plinth; just lift this cord under the plinth by lifting it with a rulerSee full review


before that there was a stock winter Dunlop, after it it seems that any rubber is better. This is my second BF Goodrich tire on my car. Summer BF Goodrich is just a buzz, I really liked it, though it is made in Europe. Decided to try this one. Unsubscribe as it will show itself in the winterSee full review


There are no complaints about the overall quality of the radiator. But there are some comments about the appearance of the radiator for 10 sections, produced at the plant in Kirzhach (Hong Kong region), namely the method of painting. It looks like it was painted with a simple brush. Maybe of course it was intended, but I have something to compare. Previously, I purchased this radiator for 8 sections, which is made directly in Italy (Orgiano Vicenza). Obviously, the "Italian" radiator was spray-pSee full review


Has some pros: The filter is original, most likely a parallel import from Turkey, white filter element with a plastic grille. . Like a real VW AG. Cons below: The top has a frayed look, this is most likely due to the fact that something was lying on the top of the filter, this will not affect its operation in any way . Such a delivery is possible.See full review

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