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stripper knipex 12 62 180 black/red logo

everything is super, I hope the plastic of the year in 3-5 will not crumble, otherwise right now they save on its quality everywhereSee full review

plumbing pliers kraftool 22065 250 mm silver/green logo

The best option, but I wanted the handles to be full-fledged two-component. I took it for a summer residence, on the water supply sometimes you have to unscrew the over-inch nuts from the pliers with a wide sponge solution that allows you to work with large nuts.See full review

elm wi-fi 327 adapter for apple, android logo

Sent quickly, arrived with delivery also quickly. I read the instructions, stuck it in the car - everything works. Feel free to buy.See full review

logitech g g502 lightspeed, black logo

Different pros: * Long battery life * Works both without wire and from it * Excellent software Different cons: * Built-in battery * Few buttons * Scroll wheel. On the Logitech G700s, it was much better implementedSee full review

liqui moly hydro-stossel-additiv, 0.3 l logo

Filled this additive. After driving it for 500-600 km. Sounds like a startup sound. the motor became quieter. But the temperature outside by this time has changed to +. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to say whether the additive worked for sure or whether this is the reason for the temperature difference upon starting the engine. I can definitely say that at -15 and at -2 there is a difference in the noise level of the engine.See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

To be honest, I bought Cordiants only because of the lack of free money at that time. They are installed on Togliatti stampings 15``. All this stuff successfully finishes the first season on kia rio. Oddly enough, I was quite satisfied with the tires, I had never encountered domestic manufacturers before them. The road on ice and porridge is well kept. Didn't see any spikes coming out. Of the minuses - noise when driving on asphalt. I understand that all studded tires make noise on the pavemeSee full review

6 person camping tent mircamping 1600w-6 logo

Suitable for camping, heavy and voluminous 2-room apartment by weight)) Every day you won’t assemble and disassemble such a colossus, this is for longer parking. It was chosen according to the principle of all in one bottle - both a sleeping bag and a tent. And in order to walk comfortably inside.See full review

laser level fukuda 4d mw-94d-4gx logo

Its pros: the presence of a remote control, it is more convenient to use it Got cons: The buttons on the case are not touch sensitive, they are pressed hardSee full review

autoconditioner libhof bp-312 12b logo

I am engaged in cargo transportation, I spend most of the time on the road, I decided to install an air conditioner for myself. I settled on the Libhof split system, I have known this brand for a long time, I have been using the refrigerator for several years. The split system passed the heat test perfectly. The power is good, the air cools quickly. The whole summer season worked in comfort.See full review

kama kama-flame 205/70 r16 91q winter logo

I was recommended this rubber by my colleagues, who, in addition to everything, said that you can ride without changing these tires. They turned out to be not very tough, but with strong sides, they are not afraid of blows. Depreciation is decently kept, now the second year is coming to an end, another third is enough for sure. The runs are small, the style is calm. Auto - Chevy Niva. There have been no cracks or punctures yet. Maybe, of course, something will come out in the end, but so far theSee full review

computer chair zombie 9 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black/grey logo

Providing honest thoughts on it.Got pros: The material is perforated and the back does not sweat. Got cons: Started creaking and clicking after a week of use.See full review

front brake pads brembo p68033 vaz mercedes nissan renault dacia logo

Bought for Brembo Max wheels. There are anti-creak plates on the brackets on them and markings, there are no markings on the pads themselves, I have not seen this before, there is such a thing on the Delphi pads, Brembo had markings on the rivets.See full review

damper connection nissan qashkai i 2.0/x-trail t30 2.0-2.5/ t31 2.0 eag art. 312012 logo

I installed it myself in 15 minutes, taking into account that the car was on jacks and not on a lift. Fits perfectly, no modifications.See full review


For 100, such a sound . . I did not expect. I listened to them with pleasure. But the wires frayed in half a year, the microphone and one ear fell off. I'm looking for a replacement.See full review


Compared with Thetfort liquid, which is more expensive. This liquid is recommended to be changed every 3 days, not 4, which is not a problem for our large family - the occupancy of the dry closet is just like that. Softens worse than expensive, but the smell is not as strong. There were no problems with the drain for the year. Specifically, in our realities, they did not find any sense in overpaying.See full review

new galaxy automotive compressor ac-580, type tornado optima, in bag, 35l/min, 150w logo

There are connectors in the kit, so I inflate not only car wheels Got pros: Compact folds into a case. The power is quite suitable, it takes a couple of minutes to pump up the wheel. Large pressure gauge, the needle does not shake. Air does not poison. Cons: The wire must be controlled, you can pull and break the adapter.See full review


Has some pros: A good, solid inverter, when connected to a car, the battery voltage sank quite a bit. With its cons: Cooling works quite loudly, but this is probably even a plus, not a minus.See full review


Either manufacturers make profit or outbid from the warehouse, they are driven at an inflated price in 1919, the price was not the same, they earn in excess of profit, it is very depressing.See full review


Great laptop, everything works. The price is good for this set. The battery lasts for 4-6 hours, it is quite normal for work. The quality of the case is not bad. The keyboard is comfortable to use, the backlight works.See full review


In general, for 6500 - 235/40 in our realities, this is a wonderful price, and there can be no drawbacks. After toyo, the tires are much quieter, they hold turns wellSee full review

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