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docking station for two gamepads sony playstation 5 (ps5) ipega pg-p5003 white logo

I chose for my son not only to charge gamepads here, but also to store them at this station. I hope he will get used to it and will no longer look for them all over the house. And there are no questions about the quality and work, everything works.See full review

bfgoodrich advantage 225/55 r17 101y summer logo

205/55 r16 on Octavia a7. Rubber while like using a week. Irregularities swallows, teeth do not knock. the cabin is quiet, you can hear a little rustling on bad pavement. : the season has passed, the flight is excellent, it swallows pits, it is quiet, the grip is good, it has never caught aquaplaning, it bites into puddles and ruts with water, and then calmly leaves them. Rubber for the money superSee full review

grill de"longhi cgh920d, black/silver logo

Exploiting 4 months with curiosity and intensively. This device is the first. Tried different recipes. Generally satisfied. I recommendSee full review

hits car windshield repair kit (anti-crack) windshield repair kit logo

The packaging was intact, but after unpacking it turned out that the tube in which the glue should be was empty. In the end, money down the drain.See full review

car compressor 70mai air compressor lite midrive tp03, black logo

Different pros: Programmable tire pressure, and auto shutdown when inflated to the desired atmosphere. Its cons: The back cover of the pump broke after a week (very fragile construction)See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

Pros: lightweight (hanging on a simple inexpensive bracket) built-in services sound connected via usb speakers - everything works great TV for the price Different cons: Through wi-fi, the Internet connection is not always stable, there are no problems with the cable Sometimes the menu slows down, the transition from page to page in the movie searchSee full review

mouse pad lenovo legion gaming xl black, 900x300x3mm logo

First, I indicated the full address (apartment, floor, intercom) and the desired delivery time when ordering, then when confirming by phone. As a result, the courier called 5 hours before the start of the delivery interval, said that he would be in an hour and asked to clarify the entrance, apartment, floor and intercom. To whom did I tell this twice if the courier did not receive this data? Well, by chance there were people at home who could take the order. Bottom line: the mat is good, deliveSee full review

professional screwdriver set with magnetic bits 24 in 1 , screwdriver with bits , for phone, tablet, laptop, and precision work with a set of bits . logo

I bought the original first, then I decided to buy this set cheaper for comparison. A cheap plastic case is joined from two halves, the opening of the organizer is terrible. The back cover comes off easily. The original body is cast aluminum, it opens with a click on the end of the organizer. The magnet on the screwdriver is weak compared to the original. The hinge on the handle is spinning with noticeable shuffles, everything is smooth with the original. In short, everything is much worse than See full review

jonnesway automotive tool set s04h624101s, 101 pcs. logo

We use sets of this company at work, different configurations. They proved to be excellent. I bought this particular set for home, because for the repair of my car I consider it minimal and at the same time functional for this price. Perhaps there are still not enough heads for 12-sided, but everything you need is in it. I recommend.See full review

smart watch amazfit t-rex 2, charcoal black logo

I bought them because they are super reliable to withstand extreme heat and cold conditions. But I don't go anywhere beyond the office. Well, back to the gym. And I immediately pasted the protective film on the glass.See full review

universal electric ignition unit for 4 candles multi-spark (electric ignition) for gas stoves c00143410, c00039640, wac-4a, ign-7446, cok601un, wc012 logo

On the PIRAMIDA Rustico hob, after 7 years of operation, the electric ignition disappeared. The block itself has failed. Poyuzav Internet and with someone's filing ordered it on the market. Installed today. Now the stove is like new! Sparks at 200%See full review

semi-synthetic engine oil mitsubishi sae 0w-30 api sn, 1 l logo

market sent me a fake oil with a greenish tint, a sharp unpleasant odor. Compared with the original, the original oil has an amber hue, a pleasant smell of machine oil. There is wear on the canister, the sticker is glued with bubbles.See full review

royal black royal mile 175/65 r14 82h summer logo

Great price for new tires. Visually everything is in order, the quality is excellent. Operation will show the disadvantages of tires, but I think they will not. Still, there is a new one, 22 years of release in September came. I recommend to consider and buy.See full review


Noise cancellation is turned on by default when you turn on the headphones, I did not find how to turn it off. At the same time, the bass is deeper with noise reduction turned on, which generally changes the impression of listening to music. I don’t want to listen with noise reduction turned off, although I don’t need it at home, just spend the battery. Got pros: Design. The sound is normal, you can hardly call it excellent, but for the money it's normal. The presence of a noise reduction functiSee full review


Month waiting for the master of the service department. I added to the photo what the kettle looks like after "filtered water" and the water pressure gauge in the apartment. The master is the same as did the installation. It turned out that during installation he mixed up the hoses and for a month they gave me a "return" to drink ! He tried to rub it into me that it was my own fault, I bought it in the wrong place, not the pressure, and a bunch of other reasons why the "beautiful" filter does noSee full review

set of bits and drills bosch v-line 91 (2.607.017.195), 91 pcs. logo

The set is ideal for a home where you need to screw a shelf once a year, assemble furniture, but in professional use the quality is not up to par.See full review

induction hob iplate yz-t24, black logo

A candid assessment of the item.With its pros: Heats up quickly, adjustable 100W, beautiful, can withstand 80kg. Cons below: Pulse heating up to 1000W. From 1000 and above permanent. Noisy.See full review

logitech g g502 lightspeed, black logo

Pros below: For me personally - the ideal number of buttons and their location Up to 100 hours without charging at certain settings Convenient quick wheel mode good coverage Cons below: A moronic USB connector in a recess of a specific shape, which is why many wires do not fit Micro USB in 2022 mouse Not the best softwareSee full review


I got used to it for a month, now there are more and much more interesting finds. A new firmware (ate) has been released. Satisfied with everything 100%. With its pros: Lightweight, tenacious to small targets. Tsars -VDI from 25 and above, sees perfectly, if not, then this is a coil defect (changed under warranty) Has some cons: Not the thickest plastic, throwing and hitting trees should be done carefully.See full review


Pros: They play with enthusiasm + began to make additional horses from their old Lego. Skeleton is fire! Cons below: price, but lego zhezh. Yes, and the child bought his own) For me - too simple assembly scheme and details. Good mainly for role play, not construction.See full review

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