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Review on ASUS PA32UCX PK Thunderbolt 1200Nits Calibrator 60Hz, Height Adjustment, With Calibrator, Built-In Speakers, PA32UCX-PK, LED by Takeshi Weber

Crazy bright! HOW WONDERFUL!

Full disclosure, the first one I received out of the box had a 20% defective panel (broken, too bad but it happens) - my first attempt to return/replace it with Revain was a mess (took over an hour , to get nowhere). But the second Revain employee I spoke to (I ended up just hanging up and calling back), she got it done within 10 minutes, very easy! The second panel worked, 100% works MIRACLE! I have 3 monitors and thought I could just replace "primary/middle". the other two are so dim (and these are Dells, best in the line) but they seem off compared to this monitor. and they are great too. just not great! I didn't really know how dark they were until they were next to this Goliath! like turning on the light in a room! Text/Icons/Video - everything just explodes (RAZZLE SHARP)! doesn't get very hot. It's nice to know that the colors I see on screen match what it should look like (when done professionally) and also to see color issues in home video between different cameras - this thing is (so far) like The Rock! stupid expensive. but as it tries to compete against the Apple Cinema Display and Apple against the reference displays ($30,000+). has the meaning. at least today. I bought an extended warranty. expensive is not necessary - if there is a minus. When running a really dark screen (no movie as they always look good) but e.g. a dark background (dark mode) sometimes the icons, especially the green ones, change color a bit, more light green (always green, of course). but this "problem" seems to go away when there is more white on the screen (e.g. browser window/word/etc.) - this problem is most likely separating $30,000+ from a $5,000 line. Another thing I notice is when I have a small white box in the middle of a completely black screen. sometimes it seems blackness creeps in, darkening the corners of the white box, like it's numbing, I can feel it. Ideally I wish it wasn't there, but that wouldn't stop me from loving this monitor and wanting more of it! Every photo I open looks 100%. it seems that problems only arise when the background is almost completely black (no film) and there is something tiny on the screen (compared to 4k). and the question or problem is not really what I would say. just a noticeable bug and it could just be this monitor or the mode I'm in. Windows 10 uses HDR by default - this disables the ability to adjust brightness by default. If you can get this beast - do it!

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Pros & cons

  • Great HDR monitor for the price. Haven't done any HDR color grading yet. However, it looks great.
  • clarity

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