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Review on Travelpro Canada by Hasan Abbasli

My review about Travelpro Canada

Hello to everyone. Today I will be writing about Travelpro. Travelpro is a store created in the USA in 1987. The store also has branches in some countries, I will write about the Canadian headquarters of the store today. Travelpro is not a very famous store, and its customer base is also very small. However, the store has started to attract more people's attention, thanks to the increasing importance given to advertisements by the managers. The main purpose of the store is to offer people the latest model bags that they can easily carry during their travels at the most affordable prices.
I think the store is trying to do its job well, and the high level of customer satisfaction shows that I am right. But it really surprised me that there are very few types of products in the store. Because I think the store has great potential, but because of the limited number of products, the customer community is growing very slowly. I hope the store authorities take care of such issues and they can make your store a better place. The store, which also makes online sales through the website, displays all its products on this site. According to the statistics, the site does not have many visitors, but I think it has a very good design and even showing whether the products in the store are in stock or not, increases the interest in the site. That's all for now, thanks for reading my review. 

Pros & cons

  • Although it is a small store, it is also global
  • Very good site created and every feature of the site attracts more attention of people
  • Very few types of products in the store
  • Authorities should pay more attention to the store and its customer community