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Review on Handmade Steampunk Octopus Charms With Victorian Style In Gold And Silver Finish - Perfect Pirate Accessory For DIY Projects! by Robert Smithlin

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Be Wary Of QC (picture included)

Decent collection. I could find some usefulness to them in my steampunk themed items. A little disappointed about whether I should return the broken large silver octopi, due to a broken upper tentacle (picture included, the bronze one next to it has the upper tentacle). At such a low price, I almost think that the shipping costs would outweigh the value of them. The box they shipped in was enormous. I think the Revain fulfillment center was a little sloppy about this order. It is not a reflection of the company who made these though. No. I give this 3 stars because broken arms on limited quantity orders shouldn't pass a quality control step like this one did. The items are useful, but I'd be wary of an order if this is what slips through the cracks.

  • Exactly as I expected. Quality is excellent.
  • Higher price point - the handmade and unique aspect of the charms may lead to a higher price point compared to other mass-produced charms.