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Review on Maymom Brand 2X Two-Piece Small Breastshield With Valve, Membrane And Maymom Connector,Compatible With Medela Pump In Style Breast Pump Top Hole Version. (36 Mm) by Jake Hillyer

Revainrating 5 out of 5

superior to the medela flanges, size is perfect for me

I have been using the standard medley pump flanges for a few years with my first son and now with my second. I used to get bruises and have lots of pain when I used these. I didn't know the flanges came in other sizes. I know I have very small nipples and I didn't realize that the pump was actually taking in tissue it wasn't supposed to suck in. I honestly just thought to look into alternative pump flanges a month after my second son was born and I did it because the end of the areola and nipple never felt drained, when I self expressed, I always got another let down and it was back on with the pump flange.So I decided to get the smallest flange out there and I am so glad I did! these 19mm openings produce more let downs, my nipples aren't misshapen afterward and they no longer bruise or hurt. I think the design is similar but improved upon the original flanges in a way that minimizes spray in the vertical chamber which reduces waste.for those of us who try to recover every last drop. The perfect way the milk falls from its intended port into the second chamber is so much more direct and as the design has intended it compared to the other flanges.I don't like 2 things, the opacity of the thicker plastic nipple chamber makes visibility difficult. I use compressions in conjunction with each let down and in between them so I do watch for visual confirmation in the chamber. However, the thickness of the chamber surrounding plastic is an improvement over the other flanges.I actually have a crack in one of the first flanges I used in the chamber which could have soon spread and compromised its suction. The overall construction of these flanges is superior and improved. Everything fits very snugly where parts are meant to be attached. The second thing I don't like is that these flanges are smaller and aren't as secure in my hands free pumping bra with round holes (not the type with overlapping material) as the larger, original flanges.the holes in the bra are somewhat stretched and if I compress during pumping, the bottom of the flanges can pop out of the hole. This too has an upside.i am able to compress more breast tissue without the larger perimeter of the other flanges.so I can just get another bra or modify this one. And, the diameter, of course, is perfect for me.I think this company has made a superior product both in design and function.they offer a size medley does not and it's exactly what I needed. It's a well priced product.they seem well worth the price and I would have paid more for these after knowing what I know about them now.I highly recommend trying a smaller flange if you experience bruising or have build up of milk in your nipple that isn't adequately removed while pumping.

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  • Great fit! These work perfectly with my Medela Pump N Style.
  • May break easily due to inferior quality materials