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Review on πŸ”§ DIY Water Heater Sediment Cleaning Tool - Turbo Tank Cleaner for Hard Water by Josh Elkins

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Unless you're trying to salvage a 20-year-old water heater, don't waste your time.

I REALLY wanted to like this product because it's a brilliant idea but the performance of the product doesn't even live up to my expectations for a port freight tool. First, the plastic is so thin and of poor quality that the hose connection leaked badly. When I installed it I was afraid it would break in two any second. A metal spring auger, similar to a drain cleaning snake, has a high probability of chipping off the tank liner, which will only result in accelerated tank failure. Does it spin and scrape in the tank to remove sediment? Yes, but if you've never flushed your tank and it's 20 years old, I seriously doubt you'll have the amount of sediment shown in your video. I live in Kentucky where the water is hard and chalky. Just flush the tank out every year. For $50, it probably does more harm than good.

  • Very good value for money
  • Expensive