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Review on 📱 Introducing the Space Gray Apple AirPods Max for Superior Sound Experience by Amar Amar ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A practical product, nothing to complain about.

Mixed feelings. I bought them for 40k. If I had bought for 63k, I would have cried a little. They sound good only in certain conditions, they can even sound incredible in Dolby atmosphere movies. But regular songs sound just fine. Yes, they are very clean and all that, maybe the sound is even unique in some ways, but still, you expect something like that, and they sound worse in places than the Bose 35, which are much cheaper. In general, of course, I am satisfied. These are the only headphones that I normally connect to all devices, and even switch conveniently and quickly. And for the fact that they do not need to be turned on and off every time, I would have forgiven everything for that.

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  • but I really liked the case, it is beautiful and comfortable, if it were larger, then it would have been too much to throw such a weight into a backpack, I would simply not use it. I really like spatial sound in headphones, it was brought to Apple TV in the new beta, I assure you, you will not hear such a clean and good Dolby atmosphere anywhere else. it's fun to listen to something in most of the songs that you haven't heard before. I didn’t hear at all in one song of scriptonite that there is backing vocals on my bows, but here I hear, it’s funny. conveniently, they still switch between a poppy, an Apple TV and an iPhone. I really like that the control buttons are very easy to press, you don’t need to hold the earpiece with your second finger on the opposite side. very beautiful live. some old music like THE BEATLES comes to life coolly in spatial sound. good frequency response, if not perfect. that is, at all volumes, the same increase in frequencies. I have not heard anything better in this regard. the bass turns out to be very different in different songs, and not the same everywhere. Pts it's nice that charging is lightning. charge quickly. discharged slowly, 5 percent a day, if not listened to. It's very convenient that you don't have to turn it on and off. The connection is very good, it hits far, I can finally walk around the house. Transparency mode is some kind of magic that cannot be described, only felt. Transparency does not degrade the sound, this is nowhere to be found.
  • I don't always like the way they sound. some songs are much better than on bows 35 ii, somewhere worse. that is, everything sounds normal on the bow and I like it. and on these, if the recording is worse, then they sound worse. my favorite 1995 album from moby sounds like crap in them, it's sad. just as if I'm not trying to listen to music, but to evaluate the quality of the recording, I don't like it. songs with spatial sounding sound MUCH better, ordinary songs are somehow vpadlu to listen to even. on my head, the headphones look ridiculous, like ChebuChina. new headphones, frankly, smell quite strongly. the smell is not very pleasant, it disappears after a day. as well as new headphones, very hard, they press hard and somehow the bowls do not fit evenly (the upper part is stronger). my ears sweat in these headphones and I'm HOT THERE. damn, out of all the headphones that I had, nowhere was it so hot as in these. the fabric breathes, they said. I have nothing to breathe. it is not clear how to clean the ear pads and whether it is possible. if Apple released leather later, I would buy leather ones (they won’t release it, it won’t look good). The earbuds feel timeless, but the bezel doesn't. they say in service centers they can then be changed to new ones, I hope not very expensive) I can’t imagine what is the point of buying these headphones for people without Apple technology. They can be comfortable to wear, but when you take them off, you feel the weight. Personally, the fabric of the ear pads is not very pleasant for me, but usually it gets better (erased) over time.

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November 28, 2022
Some pros: The sound is amazing, especially from Apple Music. I can sit in them all day Noise reduction super Charge lasts 2-3 days With its cons. The size In order not to carry with me I want to buy three more pieces
November 28, 2022
Got pros: Sound, transparency mode, noise reduction Cons below: No full shutdown option, only sleep mode

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