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watch casio edifice ef-527d-1a logo

I thought a replica would come, I read reviews on various sites about the seller. As a result, I received a watch the price of which I monitored for a couple of years - you can say for half the price! The watch is original, most likely it did not go to our market, hence the price) There is no sticker with a hologram on the back of the watch.See full review

peg perego viaggio shuttle booster car seat - made in italy - licorice black - 40 to 120 lbs capacity logo

Has pros: Gorgeous chair. Feeling of reliability, soft, high armrests. Different cons: I don’t understand why they made a cup holder on a single mount. It spins as it pleases. Under its own weight, the gl or bottle topples over and the contents are on the seat.See full review

pampers pure protection disposable baby diapers size 3, mega pack - 27 count, hypoallergenic and unscented (old version) logo

I try to buy Pampers diapers for my baby, so when the Pure Protection line appeared, I immediately decided to buy it! Having opened the pack, I didn’t feel an unpleasant smell of chemicals, and in terms of composition they are ideal for us (cotton and herbal ingredients) This is super! It is very comfortable for the child to move in them, they sit on the perfectly. Also, the diapers have a very cute design in pastel colors and are soft to the touch! Inside there is a mesh that provides air ventSee full review

hill's science plan dry food for adult cats to maintain vitality and immunity, with lamb, 1.5 kg logo

A friend gave genesis and some other very smelly ones, and my cats ate it so-so from a friend, even though he orders good and expensive ones for meikun, but even meikun specifically refers to them, what the owner ordered, he chose food for himself and others for him I don’t care, and even smelly. This Hills of mine ate everything and quickly, cats are all different and they are picky, and if they have already chosen something, then that’s it. Hills is not bad food.See full review

laminate tarkett navigator, 33 class, 12 mm, 1.25 m² logo

There are 10 types of dies in the collection, all the packages have been unpacked to make it easier to lay out. Out of 24 packages, 3 dies were defective. The manufacturing plant (the store does not change) changed without problems, although I had to wait a week. (until the application was sent, until the answer was received .). They put it on a cork, I won’t say that it’s warm, but I won’t call it cold either, it’s nice to walk barefoot. Easy to put on, my husband put it on himself. I have not See full review

soocas x3u electric toothbrush global version, sonic, three heads, 4 cleaning modes, pink logo

Got pros: I've been using it for three years now. Everything works like clockwork, the battery still lasts almost two months Some cons: The only drawback is that the metal paint on the button has partially peeled off.See full review

de "longhi ecam 23.460 coffee machine, black logo

Read a lot of reviews, this is our first coffee machine. We mainly drink cappuccino, so we chose the machine in one click, in fact it happens like this: (If the machine is already installed and you want to make a cappuccino) -Check for the presence of water and grains (it can be seen visually, you don’t need to go anywhere if the cake compartment is clogged or there is no water, the machine will tell you about it) -Press the power button (the system heats up for about 20 seconds) - At this time,See full review

eveline cosmetics micro precise brow pencil, shade 01 taupe logo

It is no different from the usual inexpensive ones in chain stores - just water resistance is an advertising move. It makes no sense to overpay, it is easily erased.See full review

electronic collar for dog training р-880pro. original! a new version logo

We often walk without a leash with a dog, so we took it for behavior correction so that it doesn’t run far and so that it doesn’t pick it up from the ground (there was a case of poisoning). After two walks with a collar and using a sound, a vibration signal, the dog does not run away far, and if it gets carried away, then the vibration signal is enough to distract it and execute the command "come to me". Satisfied with the collar. Thanks to the seller for checking the goods before shipping!See full review

tent extreme four-seater tramp mountain 4 v2, gray logo

Basically satisfied. Suitable for fishing and outdoor recreation. If it were also tent. Those. the arc in the upper tent outside the price would not have been for her. Pros: Warm, protected from the wind, a strong wind is not blown. In the vestibule it is convenient to cook food on a gas stove in windy weather. Yes, you can eat on a rainy day. 4-seater for two is very comfortable. Got cons: The inner tent closely consists of a ball. As a result, condensation tends to stick to the ball no matter See full review

cordiant road runner 185/65 r15 88h summer logo

Some pros: Quite soft. Not noisy at all. It stands confidently on the water. There are no problems at speed. Blows keeps was surprised. With its cons: Holds the road confidently, but it is felt that the handling has decreased, but this is expected from soft wheels. Dirt is so-so.See full review

opti-men tabs, 90 pcs, 1 pack logo

The benefits of it include: A comprehensive collection of vital vitamins to ensure the achievement of the desired outcomes. Got cons: Urine takes on a toxic yellow hue, but this color change is normal during the reception process.See full review

smart bracelet honor band 5 ru, pink logo

Below are some advantages: Great design, excellent strap. In overall, a very decent device for the money, it has everything - steps, workouts, sleep, pulse, and pulse oximeter - and it even has a pulse oximeter. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Con: It is compatible with iPhone, but it does not perform all of its features; for instance, it does not count ascents. However, this does not take into consideration waking up after fewer than three hours of sleep.See full review

smart bracelet honor band 5 ru, blue logo

Various advantages: Convenient and useful in every way. I was able to get everything I wanted at a price that was affordable. Having certain negative aspects The indicator for the current charge level has been moved from the primary screen to the tab.See full review

clumping filler cat's best smart pellets, 10l logo

Compared to red, it spreads much less on its paws, but the tray is somewhat more difficult to clean - you need a scoop with large cells.See full review

tights b.well rehab jw-321 round knit, decongestant, class 2, size: 3, natural logo

Pros below: I was looking for tights with a high fit, these are just that. I ordered black and beige, the quality is good, it is quite comfortable to put on. Cons below: The black ones are perfect, the beige ones are the same size, but the fit is too high, almost to the chest, so they roll down during wear, you have to tighten them periodically.See full review

humidifier stadler form f-008eh, white logo

great thing. value for money. I have been using it for more than a year, because of the quality of the water I had to clean it, after that I began to fill it with filtered water, it works perfectly, fell off the piano a couple of times, the child touched the cord, the height is more than a meter, survived . . there is a kettle of this company, it also works perfectly for more than a year, I really like the brevity of the style, I'm going to buy a Victor cleaner, I hope it won't disappoint.See full review

smartphone apple iphone 14 pro 256 gb, dual: nano sim + esim, deep purple logo

They brought the version for Hong Kong ZP / A, model A2890, no defects and jambs either externally or in work, hmm, in operation for a day. There is a slot for a physical sim card, the camera works without sound in the "silent" mode and in "airplane mode"))) WISHMASTER store, brought home by courier in a day. They promise a guarantee from the store for 2 years, I hope it will not come in handy)See full review

pantene pro-v miracles shampoo strengthening from roots to tips with bamboo and biotin for brittle hair, 250 ml logo

I'm trying the Pantin line of shampoos. Previously, there was one main view, but now there are many. It's good that the bottles are distinguished by color: white, gold, with green, with pink. You don't confuse. This shampoo is good. Pantin is excellent as always. The hair is washed, the balm is not particularly needed. So after washing, they comb perfectly. They don’t look dirty, on the contrary, there is a natural volume. It costs differently, mostly from 250. It did not cause any side effects See full review

luoweite neck kneading electric body massager, beige logo

the cams' alternation of turning in one direction and another. When I press the button to change the rotation's direction, it only lasts for one cycle, or roughly one minute, but I would prefer it to last the entire operation (20 minutes). With the button, changing the rotation speed is hardly noticeable. If you apply pressure to the body (give the cams a load), you will notice a noticeable slowing in rotation. 2 amps of power supply. Regarding the 3 amp, nothing has changed.See full review

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