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Review on JNINTH by Deron Altman

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JNINTH: A Styling Mistake

Oh my goodness, where do I even start with this web store disaster? Let's begin with the attire. The measurements are totally incorrect! The medium I ordered actually suited my cat better than it did me. And let's not even begin to discuss the substance. Because of how thin the fabric is, I could see my palm through it. The sneakers are up next. Three sizes too small when they came! Not even my big toe could fit inside. And I was slammed with fees when I attempted to return them. It seems as though they want you to retain the shoes as a form of foot torture. Let's speak about the jewelry last. It seems as though they stole the most ridiculous jewelry from a clown's jewelry box and chose to sell it. Who would want to wear a chewy worm necklace? And let's not even talk about the earrings that flash and light up like Christmas lights. JNINTH is an abject design failure as a whole. Go ahead and buy here if you want to appear clownish. But avoid this hot mess of an online shop if you want to actually look presentable.

  • Clothing that is both unique and fun.
  • Inconsistent measurements