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Review on Neofyte ARZOPA T14S 14" Portable Monitor - 1920x1080P, 60Hz, Frameless, Ultrawide Screen, Built-in Speakers, Wall Mountable, HD by Kris Ragusa

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Love it. Thin, light, excellent screen quality. Plug and play with my Fold 4

Outstanding quality and performance with this portable monitor from Neofyte. Wanted to use it as a screen extension for my Fold 4. Pretty simple plug n play setup. Thinner and lighter than I thought. The stand is sturdy and overall extremely portable. I thought I got in trouble with the built in speakers because they didn't work but instead played the volume through the phone. Then I found that I hadn't used the USB-C to USB-C cable that came with the product and that solved the problem. I use the Fold 4 with Android and would suggest looking for an app like Sound Beautifier to increase the volume, or another app for your operating system that does something similar. The speakers work. I just think the volume is low at max volume out of the box so this will raise the sound level to an acceptable level. Just other issues to deal with and that's what I found out because I caused the problem. , was when I started messing around with the screen settings and changing something that was greying out the brightness, contrast, etc, and it took me a while to figure out if it was HDR enabled or HDR 2084 related. Changing certain settings may prevent you from changing others, so be aware. As for the mobile screen itself. Very vivid and bright. I've used my Fold 4 with it in Samsung Dex mode (Windows desktop equivalent) and while you have a great 7.6 inch screen on the Fold 4, a full 14 inch screen is even better. Dex can really make you productive, so the more screen space you have, the better. Other essentials include a foldable Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, turning the whole setup into a portable office for on-the-go. The fact that a portable monitor is so light and thin means you can easily take it with you when you need to be productive or watch a TV show or movie on the go. Alternatively, you can connect it to an external portable charger with a different USB-C cable and turn off the screen instead of using your phone's power supply. Comes with everything you need including your own charger and three different types of USB cables, plus a carrying case to protect your screen. In the end I am very satisfied with the product. Works well with the Fold 4 and doesn't feel bulky hence 5 stars from me and a highly recommended product.

img 1 attached to Neofyte ARZOPA T14S 14" Portable Monitor - 1920x1080P, 60Hz, Frameless, Ultrawide Screen, Built-in Speakers, Wall Mountable, HD review by Kris Ragusa

  • Amazing picture quality. The Full HD display with IPS technology offers a comfortable viewing experience with a viewing angle of 178 degrees, while HDR mode offers a more comfortable visual experience. The 14-inch screen delivers crisp HD 1080p resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate for smoother video playback.
  • Poor color accuracy

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