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Review on πŸ“¦ Keter City 30 Gallon Resin Deck Box: Ideal Storage Solution for Patio Furniture, Pool Accessories, and Outdoor Toys in Brown by Kelly Caballes

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Budget, all-weather option for storing things in bulk. Very satisfied!

On the terrace of my dacha, there was not enough box for storing various little things, such as tennis rackets, balls, furniture cushions and other items that are too lazy to go into the house. And I dreamed of a chest made of rain-resistant wood, or artificial rattan. And most importantly, I wanted to be able to sit on this chest and use it as a bench. But the options available for sale scared me off with their price or their appearance. Suddenly, on the site of a large hardware store, I saw this chest. Neat brown plastic immediately caught my eye. And the guarantee of a landing load on the lid, equal to two hundred and twenty kilograms, finally determined my choice. The latest point was the price of the product. Only 3499 rubles. Obi writes that this chest is only sold by them. But this is not true. In their product descriptions, they omitted the name of the brand that is the manufacturer of this furniture. And they sell this thing called "Comfy plastic chest brown 270l". But the packaging uncompromisingly says that this is Keter. You can find this chest in other stores, but you should not. Obie has the best price on it. A set of parts fits in a flat, rectangular bun, tied with plastic wrap. They write that her weight is ten kilograms. I thought it was less. Inside the package are marked plastic parts of the future chest. And two assembly instructions. Both are in English. But no translation is needed. The illustrations make the construction process very clear. It's very hard to go wrong. The chest is as simple as a felt boot. Tools are not needed. Everything is on zippers. Details are accurate and do not require adjustment. Here it is, half assembled. Here, a little more. And the final - the installation of wheels for transporting the chest by rolling. It's funny, but there are four places for the wheels, and the wheels themselves, only two. And they are installed on either side, at the choice of the owner. As conceived by Keter engineers, you need to lift the chest by the ledge on its body, from the side opposite to the one where the wheels are. And further, roll. Add two more wheels to the package, they were greedy. However, it doesn't matter. I'm not going to roll this chest every day! By the way, Keter is an Israeli company. And here it is, a plastic beauty from Keter. Assembled and ready to move to the place of its permanent location. My wife and I sat on the chest together. No signs of shakiness, fragility were found. Although the weight of both of us is much less than 220 kilograms, I think that the figure declared by the manufacturer is not a bluff. And inside you can put up to thirty kilograms of things. The chest took its final place on the covered terrace. It is plastic and is not afraid of precipitation, even if it is blown by a strong wind. I am very pleased with this purchase. Although it is not worth putting such furniture in the interior of a house or apartment. But for a terrace, a balcony, a barn, a workshop, a garage, such a chest can become a very pretty storage place. And you can safely sit down on it! Excellent thing. I won't lower my rating because of the wheels. Little things all this, at this price.

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  • Strength
  • Two wheels where you could put four.