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Review on 🎧 Enhance Your Fitness and Music Experience with Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music NFC Smartwatch in Black by Ada Markiewicz ᠌

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Matches the description completely, very satisfied.

- Refine these children's software bugs (in shortcomings and below). -Autopause works wildly: I have a running profile with autopause. I pressed the start button, ran, and the clock paused by itself, after a couple of seconds it resumed. Is it possible not to activate autopause for the first 3 seconds at least after the start? -You can not display the control panel items as widgets. I often use NFC. Each time you press the button, hold it (yes, it's difficult :D) select the desired icon there . Make it possible to display these icons as widgets so that you can quickly flip the screen and select what you need. -Paused workout ends when NFC is used. -For some reason, it is impossible to set a timer or a stopwatch with a cut-off on pressing in the date of the training field. So I need to quickly click on the field during the lesson, start a separate timer / stopwatch directly in the most active workout, while seeing the date of the fields that are not occupied by the timer / stopwatch. Garmin offers to hold the button each time, select the stopwatch / timer in the control panel, without seeing the date of the fields with the current activity, and launch them from there. Tin. I want the timer\stopwatch to be, for example, instead of calories or cadence. I hope you understand. -Remove this physical button (leave a small one for rebooting with a needle) and the charging port in future models, and add a wireless one. The instructions say to wash your watch after every workout. He came, washed, dried, in short, this is a whole procedure and hemorrhoids. And so I threw them on the wireless charging port and that's it. - Abnormal price tags for everything from officials in the 2022. For a regular cable they ask for 4k, despite the fact that the watch costs 17.5k. Usually + 20%, well, 30% of the declared off value. Well, not how about + 100% or more! For what? For a file with the 2022 language? Guarantee? I made a full reset and backup of the settings, which I then restored, it did not help, they also hang. ated to 3.7, made a hard reset without backup and deleted the Alexi Pappas watch face. I do not know which of these helped, but there are no glitches yet

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  • Who does not want to read any crap below - for the official price, probably the best sports watch. You can take. - Oversized and lightweight - comfortable to wear under winter clothes. I don't feel them on my hand. -There is NFC - it’s very convenient to go to the store after a workout, you don’t need to carry cards or money, your wallet is always with you, cool! -Barometer, high-quality heart rate sensor on the wrist, which showed the average heart rate for a 2-hour workout is the same as the chest Polar. In general, the pieces of iron inside are at the level of top models, but at a much lower cost.
  • -You can not configure auto-lock separately for each activity. Either it is on during any workout, or always on, or in watch mode. In the gym, auto-lock is not needed, and during a run, when the clothes are put on damp, the screen is pressed by itself. Every time you have to crawl into the very jungle of device settings (system) and set up a lock. -Stupid lock icon - padlock. If the watch is worn under a jacket during a workout and it is wet, then when you try to look at the data on the 2nd and 3rd date fields (4 are selected in total), pulling the sleeve off the watch, a LOCK appears that blocks the training readings (I have tempo and avg. pace). Like a fool, you run and look at him until this castle disappears, despite the fact that on the 2nd and 3rd fields, on the left and right, there is a rampart of space, they could have been placed there as well. -For some reason, the heart rate cannot be displayed on the stock dials. At first I thought it was due to battery saving, but the heart rate widget displays the readings for the last 4 hours, which means that the clock measures it continuously. Yes, you can install third-party watch faces, but they are stupid and ask for all sorts of permissions. I only use Garmin apps. - Glass of mediocre quality. People complain that there are scratches from somewhere. I immediately pasted the film (cut out on the one that was with the clock) and ordered a full-size protective glass. -Support: as far as I remember, they say they answer in 24 hours :D. But it's kind of like spam. To the question: "I want to buy a VA3M, but I used to use a watch from another company for a long time! I need to transfer the data of all trainings" they answered: "send some file from your Garmin watch", although I have not bought it yet! In short, how to communicate with a tree. Although they helped later, I transferred all the workouts to Garmin connect. - REGULARLY HOLD immediately after saving the workout, the workout itself is saved. Reboot helps, but time gets lost. Auto-tuning by GPS time - tired of freezing on the street. The clock itself seems to work, they understand whether I use it or not, but the screen hangs.