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Review on Viomi Cleaning Robot V3 robot vacuum cleaner, black by Celina Wojnowska ᠌

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Perfect purchase for me, exactly what I was looking for!

The authors of the videos and articles in the reviews said that this model is intended for the European market, there is no 2022 language, the control application, although in 2022, but with the wildest translation. Apparently, by the time of our purchase, sales of this vacuum cleaner in 2022 had already gained momentum, so the robot can speak 2022 (female voice), the application as a whole is translated normally, although not without dope. The vacuum cleaner connects to the Internet easily, while it is simultaneously registered in the application. We launch the application, press two buttons on the robot body at the same time. He starts looking for a wi-fi network. Finds, you need to select your router, enter the password from the network. Turn on geolocation and bluetooth on your smartphone. Everything, the Internet connection is established. We choose to connect to some European server. Now we need to build a cleaning map. This is where the nonsense in the translation, which was mentioned above, made itself felt. The order in which the map was created is not at all obvious. Now I won’t reproduce the crap that appears when you click on certain buttons in the map management section (until the map is created), but from this text it’s completely incomprehensible what needs to be done, what is the procedure. The algorithm is like this. We install the charger in a convenient place where the robot can drive up. We placed it in the hallway. We insert the container for dry cleaning. We start cleaning along the plinth. The robot will go around the whole apartment. After the rooms are scanned, the robot will return to the charging station. Here he will offer to create a new map and give it a name. At the same time, it doesn’t matter how many rooms we actually have, it puts the entire area that the vacuum cleaner has traveled on map number 1. I created map No. 2 by manually transferring the robot to the kitchen, in our case it is zonally separated from the dining room in height. The vacuum cleaner walked around the kitchen, approaching the border of the zone, he understood that there was a height difference, and the sensors did not allow him to fall down. Happy with the purchase.

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  • 1) the manufacturer is not exactly a novice, he is famous, but has not yet become as famous as his other colleagues, therefore he is interested in making high-quality equipment, 2) good equipment - they did not regret spare consumables, not like some others, 3) beautiful external appearance, 4) the ability to simultaneously sweep and mop the floor, 5) high power.
  • I had to master the smartphone application on my own, the translation of some points is completely stupid, the rule of "obviousness of actions" is not followed.

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July 13, 2023
With its pros. Three interchangeable containers are very convenient. Well bypasses obstacles, overcomes rapids. Also excellent wet cleaning. With its cons. Glitchy application, sometimes stupid when returning to the base