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Review on Sony ICF 506 Analog Tuning Portable by Abhi Abhilasha

The price/quality ratio is great, I will buy again.

I am very glad to have purchased this radio assembled in China, using the technologies of the old Japanese radio school, I am sure that it will last a long time. I listen at work in the background, it reproduces music well, the broadband speaker is completely fabric, the suspension is reflexed. The high and mid frequencies play out cleanly and clearly, the bottoms are a bit lacking for surround sound. The competitor in the face of the Panasonic RF-2400D for $30 loses in all the main parameters, at first I bought it for my father as a gift for the DR, listened to it, and gave it to him. Then I decided to buy myself something similar, but with better quality, I came across SONY icf-506, only the problem is that there is no place to buy it. Tecsun and Sangean studied and did not consider buying. Since I managed to test the Panasonic RF-2400D, I can note its shortcomings in comparison with the Sony ones that are missing. So; Volume control with an inconvenient gear wheel, jumping volume when the wheel rotates, a smaller speaker that wheezes at full volume, the sound is worse, the headphone output is single-channel, the antenna does not rotate, only the tilt, the case and the carrying handle are made awkwardly with noticeable slots and rough stamping. The mechanism for moving the slider is made on a wheel-and-thread system, is it outdated and reliable? when Sony has gears and cogwheels. When opening in Panasonic, you can see the use of a microcircuit from Sony, such is the Malaysian engineering))) There are pluses 4xAA, price, the ability to buy in 2022, that's all. I don’t particularly hope that the review will be useful to someone, but it’s interesting to read to compare two competing radios.

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Pros & cons

  • Perhaps the best classic radio for $50 without unnecessary features! High-quality matte plastic, slightly rough, high-quality assembly and molding of parts, invisible joints. Lokan thoughtful design, the ideal location of all elements from the speaker to the mode switches, everything is in its place and conveniently located. The volume controls and the search for radio stations rotate smoothly without jumps with a uniform effort. Nice white frequency scale, with well-read numbers. Retractable telescopic antenna rotates 360 degrees. The portable handle organically and imperceptibly fits into the case, has a pleasant fixation when lifting and lowering. On the back there is a cavity for fingers, it is convenient to take the receiver without a handle. At full volume, the speaker does not wheeze, the size of the speaker is 100mm, the rated power is 3W, 8Ohm, the output is 5W. Two-channel headphone output, no stereo. Good sensitivity, reliable reception of radio stations, the red TUNE indicator lights up with a good stable signal. At work, on the street, he catches 37 FM stations, a little less than 10 indoors. AM - silence. Operation from the mains and from 3xAA batteries up to 30 hours really works, when the batteries run out the green indicator will turn off and the radio will still play for some time.
  • It is impossible to purchase in the 2022, although it has been produced since 2022. I bought a new one on Ebay at the end of 2022. The sound of low frequencies is somewhat less than in wireless bass speakers.