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Review on Safort Yoga Pants With UPF50+ And Multiple Pockets For Regular And Tall Women by Dana Manning

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(Updated 3-2020) -- Amazing. Here's the thing

THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT SEE-THROUGH. At all. Amazing.Here's the thing: I'm a person with porcelain-white skin and generous hip proportions, which makes for a snug fit around the bum area if I want to wear fitted pants. My skin's so reflectively pale, I could get work as a lighthouse. That said.it's tough finding workout pants that pass the squat test without letting my moon rise out of the fabric.I've been on a workout pants quest, friends. I've ordered so many types off here on Revain that claim to not be see-through, invested in the pricier options from Athleta and Lululemon, and still had issues. I've attempted to pair with nude underwear or only squat at the gym when it's emptier in attempt to not flash my goods to other gym-goers. But let's face it, sometimes you're not as on top of your nude underwear laundry situation and the gym has mirrors everywhere. Nowhere to run (except the treadmill), nowhere to hide. My butt and its squat routine are here to stay, so I was determined to find a comfortable workout pant that well.works.These stay fully opaque when performing all types of movement. The front pockets are convenient and pretty deep. Fun if you want to stick your hands down to the bottom of them and waddle around the gym like a penguin on your rest set, but maybe that's just my entertainment (maybe not yours, but y'all let's just celebrate the fact that a pair of women's pants actually have functional AND roomy pockets! This is truly the technological age.) These work wonderfully, so much so that I ordered all the currently-available colors (grey, navy, and black) and they all are indeed not see-through. I've only had them for a couple weeks, but they appear to be holding up well to repeated washes too.Another bonus: I'm 5'8" and many of my other same-heighted sisters know the awkwardness that is deciding whether you need to buy the Regular or the Tall pants. The ability to trim these exactly to fit is even better.Get these pants, bend and snap, do your workout! I love these so hard.-------------EDIT 3-Mar-2020: ODE TO PANTS, PART IIHoly cow, Revain says that at least 340 of you actually read this, found it useful, and made my pants poetry a top review. (And an extra thank you too, commenters! You made my day.) I'm so glad many of you found this helpful, and if you indeed bought these pants, we can all swish around the gym in solidarity.I also wanted to let you know that I still have these pants two years later, and THEY ARE STILL AWESOME HOT FIRE. Lots of washes, lots of squats, and of course, lots of penguin pocket-waddling around. They have held up beautifully and remained opaque.It's great to see that new colors have been added (thank you, pants providers!) I've just bought the red ones and they are also just as freshly excellent as the previous pairs. Note though: the pants providers may have changed the material on these, as they're slightly softer-feeling than the previous pairs. It's all good though, because the bum still does not flash through these.Still continued yoga pants of excellence. Have a great workout, trip to the store, dance-a-thon, trash panda couch relaxation time, or whatever you want to do in these. Cheers!

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  • Very comfortable
  • The pockets might make the pants too heavy