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Review on 🎮 PlayStation 4 Shadow of the Tomb Raider by Van Chay ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Good value for money, I recommend it.

Good game! Everything is done very beautifully. The plot is not the brightest, but it is present and quite logical. And although at first it may seem that they say it’s too difficult and too much, after a short time you drive into everything and start to enjoy the game climbing trees, shooting everything and everything, and actually solving simple puzzles. The game has a number of additional, side research, additional items on the map, there are side quests. But items, costumes, etc. do not affect anything - you can go through the whole game with the initial items and weapons. You get all the skills necessary for passing the game during the game, following the plot, so if you don’t want to bother and go deep, you can play like that. Got the game on a PS Plus subscription, definitely worth playing, but on sale days it's definitely worth the money. So if you buy, then wait for sales.

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  • Excellent graphics. Everything looks very beautiful, and at times even bewitching. Both in the gameplay itself and in the cutscenes. Landscapes and panoramas are generally a separate art form. Lara herself, as if alive, runs, jumps and hmm . she also dies as if alive, in a dishonorable variety of ways. Full 2022 localization. Conversations in the game and cutscenes. We can definitely say for sure that audio in the native language gives a more complete immersion in the game than subtitles. At the moment of screensavers, you generally disconnect from the gameplay and catch yourself thinking that you are watching, if not a movie, then a high-quality short film for sure.
  • According to the idea of ​​the creators of the game, you run through the jungle and level up, gaining new skills and weapons along the way. And in almost every location, starting from the jungle, you will stumble upon places or objects that you need to get to something that you don’t have at the beginning, whether it be master keys to open a treasure chest or an ice pick to break the entrance to the tomb, etc. d. And it turns out that you will constantly run back to places that require special. skills that you did not have at the time when you were there through the story. And this is half the trouble. Although you can see information on the map about the location of this or that artifact, you cannot put some kind of at least a simple mark on what kind of place it is and what exactly you need to have with you, a master key, a shotgun or something else. And there are plenty of empty places. You have to keep your head up, and sometimes, confused, run away just like that, understand that you ran with an ice ax to where you need a shotgun and go home. Fortunately, at least there is a quick movement through the camps. Saves time. Well, one more moment. It is not entirely clear where and when you will get this newest/needed skill. In the course of the game, or you need to buy it from a merchant, for example, and you ran through it and stupidly did not notice it. And this feeling that you missed something visits repeatedly throughout the game. You find an ice ax according to the plot, and you need to buy master keys, having met a couple of closed chests on the way. Sometimes it is not immediately clear what to do. I made my way to the tomb, collected all the goodies, was about to go back and hello. You puzzle over where the exit is and you don’t immediately realize that somewhere there is a barely noticeable ledge, somewhere there is space for a hook with an ice ax, and sometimes when you tried to catch somewhere a couple of times, you didn’t succeed and you think that somewhere there is another way out , you start to search the location, looking for the same ledge or passage wherever possible, but in fact you were just unlucky, you just missed a little and didn’t catch on.