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Review on Foldable Playpen: Adjustable Shape & Size With 5 Handlers, Visible Mesh, Anti-Fall Protection For Infants! by Jeremy Keller

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Poor Instructions good for me

Update 12/28/21:After a month of use I can say that this was a great buy!You can fold it 2 ways, as one unit but it is kinda hard to store that way. Or you can detach one panel (a bit tricky until you get the hang of it) and fold it accordion style. This is perfect for safely containing my 8 month old while I'm working. It's plenty large and I love that you can set it up differently to fit your space. I currently have been using it "long ways" with only one panel on the ends and 3 on the side to make it more narrow, but still allow me to use my living room. It's easy to put away but I honestly just leave it out unless I have people coming over or I'm doing something in that room.The suction cups are pretty useless, my 8 month old can push the playpen with ease. I worry about the possibility of them coming off and posing a choking hazard, so I wouldn't recommend leaving baby unattended or out of earshot. But I absolutely love this product and it's perfect for what we need it to do.This review is for the new foldable model. *I have not used it yet, only set it up, will update in the future after I use it for a while.*I work from home and my 7 month old is just starting to crawl, so I needed a safe way to contain her. I spent hours researching oversized playpens, the hard plastic ones scare me because they can pinch fingers and have holes that an arm or leg could get stuck in. I was estatic to find a folding mesh one, as I have a small living room and didn't want it to be a permanent fixture. I knew from reviews that it was going to be a pain to set up. The instructions are very simple, but don't let them deceive you, they're missing some important details. First: line all the top and bottom pieces up carefully, they are different sizes, but from a glance you can't tell. This will save you frustration later. Build from the bottom up. The zippers (except for the "gates") go on the INSIDE, which makes no sense to me because older children could try to take it apart (would probably take them a while though). The instructions don't say anything about the direction of the zippers so I screwed up 2 and had to redo them before I realized that. I honestly think I have some of the smaller mesh pieces on too big sections and that's why they were a pain to zip up. So maybe line up the mesh pieces too and see which ones are bigger/smaller. Once the panels are all assembled it wasn't hard to connect them once I figured out that the bottom connector part pushes up to fit together. I actually really like the locking on/off "switch" feature. It's super easy to fold up as one piece (and equally as easy to pull it back out) but I prefer disconnecting one panel and folding it accordion style (took some practice) and some of the "switches" relocked while I was trying to fold.Like I said before, I will update on how it holds up/functionality once I start using it. As of right now my first impression is that it's a pain in the butt to put together, but you only have to do that once! I am really hopeful that it will be just what I need!

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  • ‎Plastic
  • Difficult to clean and maintain

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July 20, 2023
It was a little hard to put together, however I love it. Keeps my baby safe and that’s all that matters. Now I just wish I could find the right mat for it, a thick mat.