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Review on EVICIV Portable External Computer Freesync Speakers 16.5", 1920X1080, EV15602, HDMI by Luke Hohd

Superb 4K resolution for sharp images and clear text

I received this portable monitor to use as a surveillance screen for some notice boards in the office. Charts and dashboards have small text, so 4K resolution is required for text to be clearer and easier to read. This monitor exceeded my expectations. The package arrived quickly and is well packaged and protected, which is to be expected from laptop packaging. In the box you will find a 15.6 inch monitor, a USB-C power adapter, 2x USB-C cables, a USB-C to USB-A cable, a mini HDMI to HDMI cables, a screen protector, a magnetic flip case and a user manual. The monitor has a premium construction with an aluminum body. It is very strong and will not bend easily when pressed. The brushed aluminum finish is very elegant. I love that this monitor has VESA mounts so I can keep it on the monitor stand on my desk at all times. It was plug and play when I connected it to the Windows 10 system, it was recognized immediately with 4K resolution. I have to manually set the text size to 125% so that it's small enough to hold a lot of text but big enough that you can easily read it in 4K resolution. Standard monitor settings are fine for most people, but I've manually adjusted the colors to make them a little more vibrant. After setting it up, I was amazed at how nice the picture quality is. Rear midrange speakers, they're loud enough for personal use but lack the bass (as expected from small speakers), my 12.9 inch iPad Pro is comparatively louder. Watching movies on this screen is just great in 4K resolution. Images are so clear they seem to pop off the screen. The matte screen is also handy in that it prevents glare and makes viewing from different angles easier. The magnetic sheet can also be conveniently carried in your pocket. The folding case is magnetic and strong enough to hold the monitor so it doesn't accidentally slip off. I use it mainly with a Linux machine and also with Linux. Linux Mint (v20) recognized the 4K resolution right away, I also have Ubuntu 20.04 and it works fine too. I tested this on my iPad Pro 12.9 via USB C and the monitor can work as an extended display if the app supports it (like LumaFusion and Netflix). When the monitor is connected to an iPad, the monitor will charge the iPad in reverse to prevent the iPad battery from draining. I also tested it on my Playstation 4 and found that HDR is enabled. With HDR enabled, games look more vibrant with enhanced color gamut, making it easier to see detail. I didn't notice any lag when playing games, so the response time for real console games is acceptable. I also tested it on my son's Galaxy Note 9 and the Dex feature works great. When connected, the phone recognized it immediately and switched to desktop mode, creating a workplace environment from the smartphone. Overall, this monitor exceeded my expectations. The screen looks good and is great for reading small text (in 4K). If you are looking for a portable or small monitor to complement your workspace, this monitor comes highly recommended.

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