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Review on Foowin Portable Monitor Display Speaker 15.8", 1920X1080P, 60Hz, Z1, HDMI by Matthew Mack

Revainrating 2 out of 5

A versatile screen with benefits, but poorly made and cheap. The screen is cracked

I used this monitor as a second screen when programming. I ended up using this portable monitor with a few adjustments. Let me tell you how it worked. In the end the screen broke and the support team made it very difficult to get help. I had to go through Revain to get my money back. . This is a mobile wearable monitor with a case that is VERY easy to break. Even with the pros I would choose something else, more expensive and more durable. Extension of my PC monitor: I wanted to set up a multi-monitor table mainly for programming. But my desk wasn't big enough for two large monitors, so I bought this one instead. It worked as expected, I was able to expand my display and multitask. Going from the big screen to the small screen and back again took some getting used to. The colors on the monitor are good, as is the resolution. I've used it for playing PC games and watching movies and they all looked good. Nintendo Switch: I play a lot on my Nintendo Switch, but when my computer is in use, I can't connect it to my monitor. This wearable screen has helped a lot with these problems. Also, you don't need a docking station to use the Nintendo Switch. Just use the C-cable that comes with the monitor. It really makes everything a lot more portable, you don't have to lug around a docking station, you can just carry around a switch and a portable monitor. In terms of graphics, the Switch looks great as the monitor is 1080p, which is the Switch's resolution. PS4: It worked, but the PS4 looks really bad on this screen. It took a lot of tweaking to get the colors in games to look right. Laptop: I used it with a laptop and all I needed was a power cord and I was able to run extended displays right away. Much faster than connecting to a PC. Phone: Couldn't test this as my phone wasn't compatible. General advantages: Portable Universal headphone jack Integrated sound system Adjustable volume and brightness Low price Comes with a case and all the cables you need Connectors on both sides ensure that the cables do not get tangled. The power cord is not long enough The monitor fell off the table because of the short power cord

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  • Good looking
  • Low Brightness: If the monitor's brightness is set too low, the image may appear washed out or too dark.