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Review on Sony WF SP700NP Pink Wireless Headphones by Adhe Agung ᠌

Full compliance with the manufacturer's assurances, high quality.

SOUND: Compared to: Sony SBH54. The 54th bottoms are "chocolate, warmer and tastier" with the same settings. But the wires from the block - to the ears and around the neck, I really can’t stand it anymore. I compared it on a branded promotional stand with all (!) monitors and wired "budget" Sony - the sound of the plugs is better in 70% of all listened to, even "non-budget" monitors. WEARING: Usually they don’t write, but the plugs should not be put into the ear, but screwed in - there must be a fit, otherwise there will be no bottoms. To do this, you need to carefully select silicones. Put the smallest one first. Then - the largest one, in order to immediately understand the difference in fit. Further, depending on the feeling, reduce the size. CONTROL. The control button on them, rather than the touch panels of other brands, is really cool. Wet, cold hands, gloves - no problem, always a clear understanding of "hit". SETTINGS: remove all settings in the phone to default. Download and install software from Sony. Everything else will be handled by their software. Otherwise, you will kill an hour to understand why what a disgusting sound or, as they often write in reviews: "a cool sound on a phone of some brand, but on some bad one." CHARGER. were sold almost empty. After full discharge, 5-7 minutes of charging provided music for 40 minutes. Sony SBH54 would have been fully charged in the same time.

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Pros & cons

  • Sound, as always with Sony! Really cool. Usually they do not write: what do they listen to, how and where? Therefore, it is not clear with what to compare. Style: Kizonba, Puerto Rican Latin American, with a clear rhythm and good elaboration of all drums. What plays: "Samsung S8 +"
  • NOT FOR METRO! For me, this is a real "minus", but since the manufacturer does not claim that they are for something else other than running, I give a high rating. This is first. Secondly, nothing competitive that I have heard with my own ears, and not in retelling, does not work as it should in the subway. NOTHING! NO NOISE REDUCTION! This is where you need to get it right. The manufacturer claims that there is "noise reduction" and not "rumble reduction", The stamping of the feet of people passing by and passing bicycles is not audible, But speech, even with full noise reduction, women's from men's and children's are distinguishable. Loud conversation is even understandable. It doesn't work. what I need and how I understand the word and the result of the "noise reduction" process. The LID of the BOX actually opens when you try to put the box in your pocket, in your backpack. I'll break her, so dead, really, nafig! PRICE! 11990r. against 3500r for Sony SBH54 with the same sound quality - this is . well, define it yourself and call it what you can call it!

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November 16, 2022
Its pros: Good, loud sound, comfortable, good sound isolation, great app. Has cons: There is no sound and player control on the headphones.
November 16, 2022
Pros: Everything corresponds to the description Its cons: When paired with two headphones, the video shows audio delays of approximately 1 second

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