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xiaomi mi robot vacuum-mop 2 lite ru robot vacuum cleaner, white logo

Great value for the money, definitely recommended!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Bought for my wife as a gift. The wife is happy, the children are happy, the cat is delighted) It works perfectly, collects everything, the thrust is powerful enough, small children's toys from Kinder are ed in with a bang) In general, I advise) so far we have not found any shortcomings, we will continue to look)See full review

gas stove gefest 700-02, brown logo

Its pros: The workmanship is high, everything inside is painted - it should not rust. The hose is included, quickly replaced the old tiles in the garden, it burns well. In a set of atomizer for the main gas. Different cons: The burner does not have holes everywhere in a circle, so the flame burns with a gap. Maybe it's better, I don't know.See full review

wireless vacuum cleaner, vertical, for home redkey f10 (russian version), gray logo

Has some pros: It well, it is convenient to take it with you in the car, order at home in 5 minutes, compact in storage. Some cons: The brush for the upholstery of the sofa, if you press on it, jumps off. This is not critical, but suddenly it is important for someone.See full review

children's 2-wheel city scooter globber foldable flow 125, blue logo

Its pros: A good scooter, the child liked it as soon as he saw the box! ) thanks to the consultants of globber-moscow. Ru Its cons: Everything seems to be ok, the roll is good, there is no backlash.See full review

curtain allfabrictut blackout bacio on tape, 150x270 cm, 2 pieces, blue logo

The first and last purchase on Ya. Market. I am making a return. It turns out that I have to pack the junk that was sent to me and send it to the seller myself at my own expense. And only if the seller confirms the marriage - he can return the money to me. I will never contact this so-called service again - wasted time, money and nerves. I do not recommend this product. I do not recommend this seller. I do not recommend this site.See full review

simpleway automatic induction washing machine zdxsj02xw sensor foam soap dispenser, white/purple logo

At first, the noise from work is annoying, but you quickly get used to it. Even the cheapest batteries last more than six months.See full review

vplab ultra men's sport tab., 180 pcs. logo

As many write here, the urine actually became a vigorous acid color. They write that the state of health should improve and vitality will increase. I do not presume to say that this is so, but I feel much less overwhelmed, although I am inclined to attribute this to the effect of autosuggestion or placebo. Other than that, I don't see any effect. But the acceptance period is not so long. Yes, and many people write that the smell from the pills is so-so, but my scent has not yet recovered after tSee full review

toaster kitfort kt-2047, silver logo

I liked it very much, fit into the kitchen. Large in size, if someone is critical, before that there was a toaster 1.5 times smaller. You can't see it from the photo, but it takes up a lot of space. The crumb tray comes in very handy, but there are still a few crumbs everywhere in the corners. The hooks of bread themselves are large, you can also heat thick pieces, it fries thin pieces a little longer than other models, since the distance to the heaters is greater.See full review

orthopedic pillow 40x60cm, askona temp control, size s, height 9 cm logo

Those who complain online that the pillow is too firm and prevents them from getting comfortable are clearly not accustomed to sleeping on pillows that don't flatten down and sink into their feather beds. It's important to find a balance between a cushion that's soft enough to prevent your neck from bending all night and one that's firm enough to keep your head aligned with your spine. If you tend to sleep on your side, try to break the behavior.See full review

ok beauty tint for lips and cheeks color salute, hillier logo

I went with the shade gypsy because, so far, it seems to work best for me. In addition to those, there are nuances of cocoa and safary. Cocoa gave off an intriguing impression when viewed on the internet; yet, when seen in person, it appeared to be too pale and faceless. A safari is the ideal way to rejuvenate the face. Because it has a beige-brown undertone, the color gypsy looks quite natural when applied to the lips. There are products available that are more resistant to wear and tear than oSee full review

smartphone xiaomi poco m5 4/128 gb ru, dual nano sim, green logo

The fingerprint scanner on the side is built into the power button. How did they do it? Nothing but a button is visible there.See full review

vacuum cleaner samsung vcc885hh3p/xev, burgundy logo

Got pros: Vacuum cleaner rubbish. Be sure to remove the internal filter - otherwise the motor will burn out. I was seduced by the fact that there is a similar Korea. the difference is huge. Has cons: Similar Korean - heaven and earth. It gets warm, the smell, the suction power - it doesn’t cost this money, I wouldn’t even take it for free.See full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi smart band 5 global, black logo

Got pros: Fantastic tool at a reasonable price. charging every two weeks, being waterproof, and having a high level of satisfaction overall Other drawbacks include the fact that nothing can be seen on the screen when exposed to direct sunlight; nevertheless, considering how much it costs, this is hardly a deal breaker.See full review

set of chairs stool group style dsw, metal, 2 pcs., color: black logo

Benefits that vary: A full set was included. They're easy to put together and sturdy enough to support 90 kilograms. Distinct drawbacks: when seated, the legs spread out somewhat on the floor, possibly damaging the coating. Since linoleum in the home is easily damaged, I purchased it for use in a seasonal dwelling.See full review

apple cutter proline 03157 leifheit logo

Before that, there were 2 pieces of apple cutters with plastic handles, over time they broke the handles. I thought there were no completely metal ones, so when I saw this one, and even the leifheit brand (I have an ironing board and mops of this brand) and with a good discount, I immediately took it. I think I was not mistaken and it will please me for a long time: its weight is 309 g (heavy !), a large hard apple ripened easily. Made with quality! I recommend!See full review

split system ballu bsd-09hn1, white logo

Convenient remote. The external module is small in size, easy to install. There is a heating function. Acceptable cost.See full review

gaming chair akracing arctica, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black/white logo

Pros below: Beautiful and comfortable chair, adjustable backrest, height and position of the armrests Different cons: The high price, the swing mechanism, as I understand it, is a simple topgun, but for such a price I would like something betterSee full review

street style sports trousers / men's sports trousers / black (m) / inache logo

For the first time I ordered men's trousers on the Internet, because the young man has a height of 195 and it is difficult for him to find something, I decided to take size L, which is perfect in length, these pants fit just fine. Great quality pants! The material is good, dense, sewn very neatly, the threads do not stick out. Large comfortable pockets, You can adjust the width to suit your convenience, thanks to Velcro. The man was satisfied, I advise everyoneSee full review

gaming chair zone 51 gravity, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black/pink logo

Long periods of sitting on the chair are comfortable due to the material's mild hardness and relative density. The back is positioned so that it can be picked up at any angle that is practical for the individual. When purchasing, take in mind that the seat itself (specifically, the horizontal half) is 38–39 cm broad before the lateral supports start. Leather inserts smell, although the smell is nice, as in a new automobile. My legs already rest against the supports in the area of my thighs, but See full review

garland neon-night twinkle light, 10 m, 100 lights, warm white/black wire logo

Take this product if you don't care about the garland's color scheme. Quality, aesthetically pleasing, lengthy, and controlled garland. This is an incredible deal at this pricing.See full review

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