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Review on πŸ›΄ Ultimate Performance: Razor A6 Kick Scooter in Sleek Silver Design by Adam Vang

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Check your scooter! Two damaged

We bought one that had a big dent in the rear fender and also a chip on the scooter where it touched. We drove it up and down the road and decided it would be best to return it due to the dents, but we'll order another one first as my son goes to college with it and we were pressed for time. The only thing that seriously bothered us was that he didn't brake well, but he couldn't drive at full speed and there's a lot of grass. He's big and really wanted that option, even though he slowed down a lot. After getting a new one today (which also has a dent in the rear fender but not as badly) we found that the A6 does indeed brake great, but the #1 version we tried was so dented that she didn't put enough pressure on the bike. much to do. We also found that Scooter #2 opens MUCH EASIER. So scooter #1 must have taken a big hit while it was closed or something. It can hardly be bent by hand. Scooter #2 is also returned to try #3, which we simply buy at a hardware store for easy opening in the parking lot. I'm wondering if this Revain store sells seconds and returns them because we received two.

  • Nice packaging
  • I won't tell