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Review on 🏻 Valco Baby Snap Trend Cappuccino Stroller: Stylish and Convenient for Modern Parents by Ewa Petra ᠌

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The best product, from those that I have viewed, I advise everyone!

The pads on the bumper and the handle are also a great thing, instead of foam rubber. Although I had strollers with foam rubber and I don’t consider it a minus in any way)) The thing I like about it is how it folds with the movement of one hand. we travel "especially" on our own "let's say so in 2022)) And more than once it was the addition that caused the enthusiastic glances of others, even the controllers)) It's also convenient that she has both a handle and a shoulder strap, in order to carry when folded. Very compact and, not least, light! It even seems to me that my bishka is heavier, although they weigh the same and the bishka is even smaller at times. It’s even interesting))) Regarding cross-country ability and maneuverability, I know many they are afraid of three-wheeled ones, in vain) They are much more passable and maneuverable, especially in winter or off-road, than four-wheeled ones. wheels. For example, for provincial winter roads, rubber wheels of this diameter are not quite suitable. But if you live in a big city, then this is not a problem) Well, in general, too, not quite a mandatory moment, I managed without them easily) As for the cap, I really get high from it) I had strollers and I thought they had a big cap. But the trend cap is something) It’s right up to the bumper either in a lying position or in a sitting position. Any bad weather is not terrible. And yes, I don’t have a raincoat, not because I squeezed the money, but because I don’t like them in the first place, and secondly, I obviously don’t need it for this stroller)) What else, the size of the block itself. Very impressive, we walk along with a fur envelope (we have esspero, and they are not small) and a one-year-old child is more than comfortable, and there is still room in width)) My child does not have any net with a hat and head it doesn’t cling and it doesn’t interfere with us. The window is, for me, I don’t need it at all)) Regarding the sitting position) My child doesn’t fall anywhere)) No Velcro can be unfastened and in general, for some reason I don’t have such “terrible” jambs at the stroller)

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  • Appearance, weight of the stroller, easy addition with one hand, a huge cap to the bumper, and indeed the stroller itself)) Well)) A new review from a wheelchair maniac)) My hands have reached))) After much suffering over the choice of a brand new stroller, I still ended in success in my opinion)) While I was waiting for the delivery of my stroller, I read reviews)) And you know, they really surprise me)) I have acquaintances and girlfriends with a model of this stroller, both in 2022 and a new model, like I have now)) There is more than enough fabric for everyone)) Including me))) If we take the usual snap and the trend as a comparison, then this is generally heaven and earth. How can they be compared, and even praise the usual snap, are you serious ?!)) When I was still in the summer, before I took another break, I went and watched a snap. Forgive me, I haven’t seen such a rare one for 16-17 thousand))) I still can’t understand why people buy them and don’t take the trend )) Well, it's okay, far gone)) What can I say about the trend, based on my decent wheelchair experience, I will write more below)) The quality of the fabric makes me very happy! It is not wet, of course, water flows directly from it. It is very easy to clean, I just wipe it with a damp cloth and everything is ok. And yes, it is of normal size. as if tilted, this is normal especially for a new one)) In addition, when the child sits down, it will absolutely not cause discomfort and inconvenience, because the seat will lower itself under the baby. Over time, there will be no such effect. pop up, in general, the seat is like a "house")) But again, I repeat, this is a temporary moment that does not affect anything))
  • They don't exist for me.) Unless, as I wrote below, if you live in a province with off-road, then do not skimp and buy a set of inflatable wheels. Using a stroller will then be much more fun))))