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Review on 5-Piece Mesh Laundry Bags: 1 XL, 2 L, and 2 M for Garments, Delicates, Hosiery, Underwear, and Travel by Jennifer Roberts

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Great idea - my delicate things are safe and sound!

Greetings to all users of the site! This review will focus on an interesting device that I accidentally noticed while wandering around my favorite joint shopping site - this is the Retina salva reggiseno mesh bag from Fatigati for delicate washing in the washing machine. It seems to be already an ordinary, familiar thing - many people use similar ones for washing various small things in automatic machines, things with metal zippers, embroideries or voluminous applications, and underwear, of course. But, this mesh is different in that it has a round shape, a rigid frame and is designed for washing delicate items of women's wardrobe. The packaging is simple - a cardboard backing and a transparent bag. The manufacturer's website is indicated (it seems Italian), I find it difficult to determine where it was made - I want to believe that in Italy, but I think it's unlikely (I won't be surprised that in China - now it's all the time). Of course, I could not resist and ordered one for myself and as a present for a friend. Moreover, the price for them is quite acceptable - 18 hryvnia. Here, only in free sale I have not seen such a thing, only by prior order can be purchased. This bag is very convenient to use and now I don't have to worry about the condition of my things when they are washed. Bones, lace, embroideries and decorations on linen will be safe and sound! Thanks to the frame and mesh, the straps do not stretch, the fabrics do not rub off, and the bust cups do not deform. And the preservation of the shape and appearance of lingerie will extend its service life. The bag is securely fastened with a zipper, there is a loop for storing and drying it. It is not large in size - it looks like a small handbag. It holds a maximum of 3 bras and this is quite enough, more, I think, is not necessary. I also use this bag for washing tights and other delicate items. In general, I recommend to everyone an interesting bag with a frame from Fatigati for delicate washing of delicate lingerie! My rating is 5 with a slight minus, because I'm not sure that it will last long (although, who knows). Thank you for your attention! Hope it was helpful! Have a good day everyone!

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  • Prolongs the service life of delicate items, original design, convenient to use, not expensive
  • Did not meet in free sale