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Review on BenQ DesignVue Professionals Technology Reproduction 32", 3840X2160P, by Ryan Gould

WOW! What an AMAZING monitor/experience!

Full Disclosure. The monitor I bought was in stock at Revain in new/used condition. BUT. It has updated firmware that solves the flickering issues this monitor suffers from. Not even a hint of flicker. Initially I was very reluctant to spend this kind of money due to the reported problems. but when I read about updating firmware on monitors sold through Revain Warehouse. I pulled the trigger. I'm glad I did. Good. now to the rest. This monitor arrived today and all I can say is WOW! From another brand, a 32 inch curved panel/VA monitor to this one (it's an IPS panel) and this one literally blows it away in almost everything. After installing the monitor on a VESA/Handheld mount, I installed the drivers and color profile from the Benq website. This is the best image quality and color accuracy I've seen in a monitor. New monitors and even after the calibration usually left a lot to be desired. But this one worked right out of the box. I tried calibrating it and couldn't do any better when it came out of the box. I'm particularly impressed with the contrast and brightness When writing this review, I had the following "custom" settings: Brightness: 70 Contrast: 50 Sharpness: 5 Red/Blue/Green: 100 Gams: 2.2 , Hue: 50 and Saturation: 50. The picture quality is absolutely great! Viewing in the corners is much better than expected.i Actually, I never thought I would need the extremely wide viewing angles of this monitor, but it's nice. To operate at 60Hz, you must use a display port/cable. I tried using the HDMI connectors/cables and the frequency kept dropping to 56Hz. The power cord is identical to the ones that power your computer. There's no big "box" transformer to worry about. I suspect that's why this monitor weighs a whopping 18 pounds (without the stand). Other great features include a built-in SD card reader, built-in USB ports (two upstream and two downstream), and to top it all off, BenQ's "Display Pilot" software (make sure you have the latest downloaded driver, color profile and Display Pilot software from BenQ website.) With "Display Port” software, you can launch the OSD menu from the desktop. During installation there is also an option to make it appear in the context (right-click) menu, which is very handy when you need to adjust your monitor for different scenarios. Well, if you are. If you're picky about aesthetics, then there's no need to worry. This monitor is made of sleek black and dark gray plastic. It has an approximately 1/2 inch wide bezel on the top and side and an approximately 3/4 inch wide bezel. at the bottom, which in the middle also contains a sensor for detecting light intensity in "Eco" mode. and quite heavy (the 18 pounds mentioned above). None of this means anything to me. Image quality/ease of use is the most important thing to me and this monitor impressed me with that. The power and USB ports on the bottom are a little annoying and hard to connect when the monitor is VESA mounted (that's how I set it up), but that doesn't matter as I don't intend to uninstall and reinstall all the time to install . The DisplayPort, MiniDisplayPort, and HDMI connectors are located on the right side of the monitor (when facing it during use). And unlike most other monitors, this one has a power switch right next to the power plug. switched on, otherwise the monitor will not light up! :) The only real "minus" is the quality of the speakers. Although they can be loud, they are terribly "tinny" in sound. There's really no point in building a $700 monitor and using really cheap/tinny speakers. But what is is. Since I have external speakers, this is not a problem for me. I've never seen monitor speakers that even come close to a cheap external speaker set. So if you decide to buy this monitor and don't already have external speakers, throw in another $25-$30 for a basic set of external speakers. I didn't consider or rate this monitor as "for gaming" because I don't game at all. This monitor is suitable for web design, photo/video editing and general productivity purposes. Well if it has durability. I will be a VERY happy tourist. If anything changes or relevant information becomes available I will come back and update this review. If you are considering this monitor and are hesitating, I would say do it with one caveat. Find it at Revain Stock ($664 vs. $699 new) and make sure you buy it with updated firmware. Otherwise I suspect you are flickering.

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  • very good more than expected..
  • Unreliable build quality

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