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Review on πŸͺŸ KSang Anti-Fog Glass Cleaner Spray - Ultimate Clarity for Windows, Windshields, Mirrors, and More - Rainproof, Streakless Shine by Michael Godo

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Better than Rain-X good for glass care

We've been using Rain-X for a long time and currently use Invisible Glass for cars and homes. This KSang Croxin works MUCH better. This is a great product that will seriously scratch the windshield when it rains and the use of wipers is virtually non-existent. In heavy rain it is best to blow water off the windshield. I still use Invisible Glass for windows at home, but I still buy a KSang product for car use. It also doesn't leave streaks on application like Rain-X. I find it works best in the shade and on a warm or cool day. The windshield must be clean and free of dust, dirt, insects, tar and pollen. The applicator bottle has a very fine spray and I only spray one side at a time. Only a small amount is needed on a windless day. Then wipe with the included black sponge until completely dry. Any excess liquid on the edges of the windshield must be wiped off. After that there were no streaks and I didn't have to wipe the windshield with water. Overall, the light mist that the bottle emits should extend the life of this product, which is nice given it's an expensive product. What I don't know is how long the windshield will withstand water and how often it needs to be replaced. Also, pollen falls by the ton at this time of year, but I can grab a blower and watch as almost all of the pollen is just blown off the windshield after the KSang application.

  • Very good value for money
  • I won't say anything