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Review on Wagner Spraytech Elite Steamer: Unleash The Power Of Chemical-Free Steam Cleaning With 20 Multi-Purpose Accessories by Douglas Berry

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Great for housecleaning!

I received this today, cleaned my bathroom, and knew I needed to leave a review immediately. If you are looking for reviews on how well this will degrease your engine, or strip paint, then keep scrolling. This review is for the man or woman who needs a workhorse to help them clean their house. For me, I needed help taking my house back from a certain degree of neglect. Admittedly, I am not the best housekeeper. I have a houseful of kids, and I work, and sometimes my method of cleaning is to wipe it down with a bleach wipe and move on. It's embarrassing, but it's the truth. I purchased this to help me get rid of some grime, mold (ick) and to steam clean, after my Shark steamer stopped working. I actually prepared myself to be unimpressed, and ended up blown away by how amazing this thing works! Now, it's not a miracle worker, but did it get my grout clean? YES! Did it get years of grime out of a shower? YES! (Did it peel away some old caulk - unfortunately, yes! But maybe this will be a handy feature when I am ready to replace all of that.)I recommend grabbing a self-velcro strip for large jobs, to strap the trigger in the 'on' position. (Of course, this could potentially be a safety issue, but you're working with high pressure steam, so hopefully you are already mindful of safety precautions.) I found that my hand tired of squeezing the trigger, but the velcro strap worked well.I also recommend hearing protection. I sprayed a small section of shower, and was partially deaf for about 1/2 an hour afterward.Here are the pros:-This thing puts out a great amount of steam and pressure! It really does a lot of work for you. And I never had to stop and wait for the unit to re-pressurize, although I did stop a good bit throughout my work to wipe or rinse things, get a drink of water, etc. There was always steam when I needed it.-The squeegee was actually a nice bonus. I didn't think I would use it, but I took it to my bathroom window first thing, and wow! Really works! (Have a towel handy, because there is runoff.)-The small bristle attachment and floor attachment do scrub nicely. I was able to get a badly stained (with dirt and grime) area of ceramic tile fairly sparkling with the floor attachment (sans towel).-Floor attachment with the floor cloth works surprisingly well. I don't have white tile or anything, but it certainly did leave my floor looking and feeling cleaner. It's a great size for a bathroom. I'm not sure I'm going to love it for my kitchen/dining room, though. It's a tad on the small side at approximately 10x3in.-I also like the clamp-on design, so that I don't have to purchase proprietary cloths. Any old microfiber towel or cloth will do great, I'm sure.The cons:-The nozzle attachment seems really difficult to attach/detach. All the others are a snap, but this one is stubborn.-In my bathroom/shower, the sprayer/pressure noise was crazy loud! I recommend earplugs or some form of hearing protection if you value your hearing at all, especially in smaller spaces that echo.-There could be more attachments. A round and possibly rectangular brush, smaller than the floor brush, but larger than the crevice tools. I was trying to scrub out the walls below my shower shelves, and the round crevice tool was way too small, but the floor attachment was too big. Also, the floor brush is basically a big vent with a brush all around it. This means that you are going to need to scrub different directions and with different angles to get some surfaces all done, especially if the floor attachment is really too big for the job. (Again, a small round or rectangular brush would be so useful.) And maybe the option to purchase a larger floor attachment for large areas, like kitchen floors.-The sprayer and squeegee do produce some extra water. This was not a problem for me. I had towels ready for wiping things up. But you probably want to be careful if you are working around anything that doesn't do well with water.-Probably one of the biggest cons, as others have stated, is the lack of a level indicator. What were they thinking? Oh, it's fine when you first put water in - you know how much you are putting in. But after you do any work, or come back to work, you just have zero idea.-It's a little heavy, and not super easy to pull out and just go, but I knew that going in.-Also, the power cord could be a little longer. I think I'll have to pull out an orange extension cord for cleaning my kitchen floor.I did experience one problem straight away. Almost as soon as I first turned the unit on, the door to the water reservoir popped off, and one of the plastic brackets came out with it. I popped it all back in, but that one side keeps popping out. I will probably contact Wagner and mention this. It's a little bit of a nuisance, but that's about it.So, all in all, I can't even adequately convey how pleasantly surprised I was with this steamer. The unit itself all feels super sturdy, other than the door/hinge issue. The hose is stronger than I expected, and the extension tubes are VERY strong. There is no play when scrubbing my bathroom floor. This was important to me, as the Shark always felt poised to snap. All in all, great unit. Really easy to use and I am pleased with my $89 Walmart Prime purchase so far. I'll update if that should change.

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  • Cost-effective alternative to expensive professional cleaning services
  • The steamer's water tank may have a tendency to leak or spill during use

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July 20, 2023
Got unit to steam clean dirty fin-tube radiators. This with paint brushes to loosen dirt have been excellent at cleaning. Also good for getting wrinkles out of curtains. Sturdy build, should last. One thing to improve if possible, a way to tell how full it is. If you over fill it “releases” the excess water out of the cap as a safety feature. It’s more of a bother because you have to soak up the water. Use distilled water for best results and minimal scaling.

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