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Review on Sceptre DisplayPort Build Speakers E275W QPT 2560X1440P, Flicker-Free, Adaptive Sync, Built-In Speakers, Tilt Adjustment, ‎E275W-QPT by Prince Castaneda

False advertising - not 99% sRGB

The photos accompanying this review were taken with a professional colorimeter and clearly show that the Scepter Q27 only reproduces 97% sRGB. While the 2% reduction doesn't seem like much to most, and probably doesn't matter to casual users and gamers, consider that it's sitting next to a 22-inch CCFL monitor that's over 20 years old and is just a few percent smaller and at high speed runs 2ms (Q27 runs at 4ms with overdrive engaged). I paid about $100 for this old monitor over 20 years ago and it's supposed to be an upgrade. Any users involved in graphics, photo/video editing, etc. should probably choose a different one. The description and docs state that the sRGB color gamut is 99%, so it's flagged because it doesn't meet the advertised specs Fulfills. Adjust the color rendering, I had to keep the brightness level higher than my preferred/comfortable level. Here's the good stuff though: It's sharp as nails - great native resolution. It looks well built. It comes with a DisplayPort cable. Response time 4ms. Pretty good for an IPS panel. Screen controls have much more control detail than many monitors. The rear RGB LED lighting is nice to the touch and easy to turn off when not wanted. Speakers that aren't good for anything other than system sounds - the music will sound thin and tinny. The midrange is not so much either. However, it does have an audio-out port on the back that is said to be usable for headphones or desktop speakers. Personally I won't be using this feature as it's awkwardly placed compared to the other audio outs I have, but it's nice that they include it. I will probably keep the Q27 (a bit reluctantly), but I am extremely dissatisfied. with distorted colors, especially as IPS monitors are known to easily hit the +99% sRGB mark. I do amateur photo/video editing and occasionally game on this system, but finding a good editing monitor (100% sRGB, 100% AdobeRGB) moves the Q27 to my professional audio editing studio where color reproduction is irrelevant.

img 1 attached to Sceptre DisplayPort Build Speakers E275W QPT 2560X1440P, Flicker-Free, Adaptive Sync, Built-In Speakers, Tilt Adjustment, ‎E275W-QPT review by Prince Castaneda

Pros & cons

  • Use it to connect my laptop. The resolution is excellent and the color is very good. Great monitor.
  • Accidentally stopped working within a year

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